Thursday, 15 March 2012

In the shadows (dark circles)

As with most girls i have a serious problem with dark under eye circles, too much work, lack of sleep, not to mention im a uni student so late nights are a given. The area under my eye was starting to sag and look dark and bruised as well as becoming sore and tender. After consulting my doctor to make sure it wasn't a lack of certain vitamins (such as iron and zinc which can control skins replenishing rate), which all came back negative, i decided i need to step up to not only cover but control these black holes under my eyes. Im only 20 i dont wanna look like im 30.+ So, this is what has worked for me. I hope it helps you :)

Firstly, i wanted to help the cause no just cover them up so i started to change my lifestyle. Like i said, im a student so late nights, doing work and going out cant be avoided, but what can be avoided is the extra damage. I make sure i always take my make up off using a gentle cleanser, such as Johnsons eye remover, olive oil or Clinque take the day off. (which i love) This not only helps your skin to breath but helps its to recover and moisturise, all of which can help to stop dark circles.

Next i make sure i always apply an eye cream to the area under and above my eye to my brow bone. Again this can help to moisturise the area and drain any access puffiness which can cause bruising and break blood vessels which cause dark circles. Its important that when you are massaging/washing/applying things to the eye area you are gentle and soft as any extra damage can make things worse. Use your ring finger and pat gently instead of rubbing. I use Clinque Eye Cream Rich which is smooth and dries quickly to help treat and protect my eye area.

WATER! When i wanted to change my eyes i knew i had to intake my water levels and this can cause dry skin, and not make the skin as fluffy and soft as it should be. Retractable skin heals and looks better than dehydrated skin and can help everything from acne to dark circles.

After i changed all of my lifestyle changes it was time to start correcting the problem while is healed and got better. I tried out a few products that were meant to be good for dark circles and these are now what i use. :)

Firstly i use YSL touche eclat, which helps to conceal the areas under my eyes in a reflective manner. However, when you are trying to conceal any dark patches you dont want to pick anything to light or shiny compared to your skin tone as this will just draw more attention to the area in question. This product just gives a nice luminosity to the area and looks nice and fresh.

After this i add Lemonaid by Benefit to the lid and under eye area as the yellow tones help to conceal the dark bruises in a natural and smooth manner, this product also works as a primer which is great as it saves time later :) Then i apply foundation in the normal way and set with powder. However around the eye area i am more gentle and use Benefit Powderflage as its a special formula that is designed not to crease and set any extra product you may have under the eye area quickly and doesn't look cakey :)

Although more recently something i have really loved using is Max Factors Pan stick, which is a heavy coverage foundation. However i like to use it as a concealer as it really stays put and doesn't budge, something which is really important to avoid the cakey flakey look! I use a really light finger (i prefer using fingers to anything else) and just dab a small amount on, making it easier to blend and camouflage!

So thats it, i think everyone has their own ways of doing things and so i would love to hear any tips you have on dark circles or how to avoid them? Until next time.
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  1. I love the Clinique rich eye cream I use this too. Not too long ago I started to panic over the exact same thing, I have a post on it too! My under eye area was dark and looked bruised and not nice so I needed to invest. I haven't bought any expensive correctors yet but I've been using the Loreal under eye concealer which is more or less a dupe for the touche eclat! The Bobbi Brown correctors are meant to be amazing so that is next on my list when I finish uni and get an actual job and salary!!
    I definitely feel your pain with the late nights, at bedtime I read journals instead of a nice book.. not fun!