Tuesday, 27 March 2012

FOTD- 27/03

 I know, I've been gone for a while! Honestly I feel like I have just got over the illness bug that's going around. Although this hot weather is deffo making me feel better! Heres a little instagram update of my week in pictures :) 

Wine and burger with the work crew, RIP my rat babies, trying out some new curl formers, The natural look, Free crispy cremes, The beast of a burger. 

So as it is so hot today I thought I would keep my outfit and make up minimal as there is really nothing worse that  make up melting of f your face. Im not going to show you my outfit today as its literally a stripy T-Shirt and leggings. This is my face of the day :

I hate this photo, but its the best one i can get as the sun is so bright and im really not wearing that much make up anyways. Also my nose looks huge!! lol Anyways

Cargo Activating Primer
Body Shop Mineral Foundation
Max Factor Pan Stick (used as concealer)
Collection 2000 Bronzer
Clinque Blusher
Topshop Highlighter
Maybelline 24 Tattoo in Eternal Gold
Blink and Go mascara

Hope you all have a good day, im off to uni and to enjoy the sun!! Until next time 

R xx

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