Thursday, 15 March 2012

And in the beginning

Hi everyone,

So this is just a quick post for my new blog, for those wondering my past blog "sequinsandlipgloss" will be deleted shortly after this goes up. Not because I don’t like that blog or anything, but because I feel as though I outgrew it and lost the passion for writing on it, I want to reimburse myself in something I enjoy and getting a new blog seemed like the way forward.
When I first started writing that I was in my first year at university and was only truly starting to get into the blogging and beauty thing so it was a good place to spread my wings but now I just feel as though I want something new and something fresh. Im working now as well as studying and my life has just changed so much that i want to share a whole new part and type of my life with everyone!
So, enough of the old, and in with the new!
This blog will contain everything honestly whatever I feel like writing. I want to include beauty, hair, fashion, tips and tricks and bits of anything really.
So, if you’re interested come along for the read I’ll try my best to make it interesting!
R xx

 X X

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