Monday, 19 March 2012

OOTD 19/03

Dress- H&M
Belt- H&M
Ring- H&M
Watch- Micheal Korrs

 Hello :)
I feel as though im wearing alot of H&M today, which is probably because its the shop directly opposite where i work. Not a good thing, as i often spend my time gazing into the window thinking what to buy, as what is happened with this dress.
New dress, my urge to buy something outlived the urge to save.. isn't that always the way..
I do rather like this dress though its a nice Aline that skims my bum and my shows off my waist which is always a plus point, i do think however its a bit tight on my boobs, which i dont know whether its because im out of proportion or its not really meant for  girls with boobs, either way i will make it fit damm it!
Admittedly i did get a bit over excited and ended up buying a belt and some rings to go with it... damn you items near the checkout!
Its a really nice fit and is the perfect length, although i assume this means it would be long on most people (my body is abnormally long compared to my legs. e.g. stubby legs)
I wore it with just a plain neutral pink batwing cardigan as it gives the outfit a bit more of a casual look and a really nice gold belt which just brings up the colour a bit

Hope you all have a good day :) Im just off to run some errands and buy some groceries.
Until next time 
R xx

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