Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mac pallet (Review)

Hello friends!

I have something really exciting to share with you all!! I did it. I put my money where my mouth is and bought the famous mac pro pallet and some eye shadows to go with it. I can’t say I haven’t been looking at these for some while as they are gorgeous quality and everyone raves about them, as well as looking so pretty in the pallet itself. However being a student and a rather tight one at that I have done loads of research and read loads of review before making this purchase, so please don’t take this as me bragging!

I bought a Macx15 pallet and 6 eye shadows to go in it! This is so exciting for me, as apart from a few lipsticks and mineral skin finish I have never had anything epic that mac is known for. As I have said this wasn’t something I choose lightly as the entire thing cost me around £70 which is so expensive if you consider the Naked pallet is below £40 and you get a lot more colors. 

Although after my beloved two faced pallet died out, and I got promoted at work I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to something that I have been longing for for a while. I am so excited! I am not going to swatch these as its dark now (I have been working all day) And there are swatches of them all over the internet in much better quality than I can give )

The colours I bought (in order as of pallet, descriptions for mac site)

Retrospeck- “Beached Blonde” I got this as it looks so nice swatched all over the internet. In reality it’s a goldy colour with quite large gritty glitter. For me this isn’t a problem, anyone who works with urban decay glitter shadows will know what I mean. Also I am very fair so this shows up lovely on my skin, I can see though that if you were darker skinned or mid skinned you wouldn’t get an awful lot of colour from it. This is vey nice though.

Woodwinked- “Warm antique gold” As I am so pale I find browns and darker colours hard to wear without looking like a panda. As my boyfriend calls it, the sad panda look. Woodwinked is a shimmery brown/gold that comes out almost a copper colour, again I love this too.
Tempting- “Sinfully Rich Coco” Although darker colours are hard for me to wear I do need some ensure I can get definition were I need it. I chose this as it looks more gold brown and comes out beautifully rich on the skin. Almost like a caramel chocolate.

All that Glitters- “Beige with gold pearl” I couldn’t get mac eye shadow and not get the famous all that glitters. I Bought this colour, as on the swatches it seemed a lot like my favourite colour from the two faced pallet “push up” It isn’t however and is instead a champagne pink with shimmer. Very pretty and wearable, but not very unique which a slight let down. I will wear this however so all is not lost.

Jest- “Soft peach with icy shimmer” This is such a nice wearable colour with aspects of pink, peach and shimmer. This would look lovely all over the lid and although not totally unique I do think this is very good quality. I like this one.

Girlie- “Rosy pink with subtle shimmer” I was really upset when I got this, as in the pan it looks super dark and gritty. However when swatched this literally is a rosy pink shimmery colour with aspects of purple and gold. This is actually turning out to be one of my favourites and Im really happy about it.

The pallet- I bought the 15 pallet as I wanted to be able to expand my collection as and when the time comes and if I feel it is worth it. I do think I will be picking up some more colours however I will try and stick to ones that are unique to Mac such as Woodwinked and retrospeck as I don’t see the point in spending this money on ones you can find usable dupes too. Overall Im really pleased with my purchase as every colour I love and will use!

What are your views on mac? Is it worth the money? What are your suggestions for colours?? 

R xx 

Two faced natural eye pallet ( Review)

(I pulled this unposted blog up that i wrote almost a year ago, before i even had a blog and just wrote incase i ever made one, see added on below)

I am in love with my recent purchase, im wearing it almost everyday and you can do almost anything with it! This is the Two Faced- Natural Eye eye-shadow collection. Its amazing!

I really only wear natural/neutral colours so this was the perfect purchase for me. It comes with 3 cards that are almost like a mini look book. The Day look, Classic look and fashion look. When I first got the kit I really only stuck to those few looks but when you really feel confident with the colours the fun starts to happen!
I love mixing the browns together to create a smoky eyed dark look, and also by putting a slight shimmery pink on top you can really make your eyes pop!. 

 The packaging is so cute it sits really nicely on my shelf. It also comes with a brush set, of a sponge applicator and a angled brush, meaning you can really get down to deatiling. I dont really like sponge applicators so i dont use that side of the brush really but i have used it to help blend out any lines i might make with the angled brush. The brush is quite small though so it can get fiddly...

I think ,my favourite colour is pink teddy. I full on adore this colour, its so nice you can wear it everyday on its own without it looking too harsh and trashy or without looking too boring. Heaven (the white colour) is a really great colour for highlighting. I found another use for my skin tone and heaven is to blend a little bit down the bridge of my nose to help it look smaller. Something everyone wants lol. 

These are the swatches in order the come on the box. From left to right is: Heaven, Velvet Revolver, Sexspresso, Silk Teddy, Push-up, Erotica, Nude Beach, honey pot and Cocoa Puff. Awful picture i know but oh well!

So its had it :( My amazing value for money, gorgeous color natural pallet has had it, i've had it for over a year and its finally died as i have hit pan and used out basically every color (apart from heaven as i really only use that as a highlight) I do have to say i really enjoyed this as it was amazing! I will be repurchasing soon as its a good thing to have to throw in your back for a weekend away or overnight and know you will have everything you need! I love this pallet!