Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mac pallet (Review)

Hello friends!

I have something really exciting to share with you all!! I did it. I put my money where my mouth is and bought the famous mac pro pallet and some eye shadows to go with it. I can’t say I haven’t been looking at these for some while as they are gorgeous quality and everyone raves about them, as well as looking so pretty in the pallet itself. However being a student and a rather tight one at that I have done loads of research and read loads of review before making this purchase, so please don’t take this as me bragging!

I bought a Macx15 pallet and 6 eye shadows to go in it! This is so exciting for me, as apart from a few lipsticks and mineral skin finish I have never had anything epic that mac is known for. As I have said this wasn’t something I choose lightly as the entire thing cost me around £70 which is so expensive if you consider the Naked pallet is below £40 and you get a lot more colors. 

Although after my beloved two faced pallet died out, and I got promoted at work I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to something that I have been longing for for a while. I am so excited! I am not going to swatch these as its dark now (I have been working all day) And there are swatches of them all over the internet in much better quality than I can give )

The colours I bought (in order as of pallet, descriptions for mac site)

Retrospeck- “Beached Blonde” I got this as it looks so nice swatched all over the internet. In reality it’s a goldy colour with quite large gritty glitter. For me this isn’t a problem, anyone who works with urban decay glitter shadows will know what I mean. Also I am very fair so this shows up lovely on my skin, I can see though that if you were darker skinned or mid skinned you wouldn’t get an awful lot of colour from it. This is vey nice though.

Woodwinked- “Warm antique gold” As I am so pale I find browns and darker colours hard to wear without looking like a panda. As my boyfriend calls it, the sad panda look. Woodwinked is a shimmery brown/gold that comes out almost a copper colour, again I love this too.
Tempting- “Sinfully Rich Coco” Although darker colours are hard for me to wear I do need some ensure I can get definition were I need it. I chose this as it looks more gold brown and comes out beautifully rich on the skin. Almost like a caramel chocolate.

All that Glitters- “Beige with gold pearl” I couldn’t get mac eye shadow and not get the famous all that glitters. I Bought this colour, as on the swatches it seemed a lot like my favourite colour from the two faced pallet “push up” It isn’t however and is instead a champagne pink with shimmer. Very pretty and wearable, but not very unique which a slight let down. I will wear this however so all is not lost.

Jest- “Soft peach with icy shimmer” This is such a nice wearable colour with aspects of pink, peach and shimmer. This would look lovely all over the lid and although not totally unique I do think this is very good quality. I like this one.

Girlie- “Rosy pink with subtle shimmer” I was really upset when I got this, as in the pan it looks super dark and gritty. However when swatched this literally is a rosy pink shimmery colour with aspects of purple and gold. This is actually turning out to be one of my favourites and Im really happy about it.

The pallet- I bought the 15 pallet as I wanted to be able to expand my collection as and when the time comes and if I feel it is worth it. I do think I will be picking up some more colours however I will try and stick to ones that are unique to Mac such as Woodwinked and retrospeck as I don’t see the point in spending this money on ones you can find usable dupes too. Overall Im really pleased with my purchase as every colour I love and will use!

What are your views on mac? Is it worth the money? What are your suggestions for colours?? 

R xx 

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