Friday, 31 August 2012

Make up artist experience

Hello friends!!

Most people in the blogosphere, at least the ones I follow, tend to do make up artist work. Or have some sort of standing within the make up world, whether it just be loving make up or having a qualification. I think everyone would love to be a make up artist for a day as it seems such a fun, creative and somewhat easy job. I mean, don’t get me wrong I know its hard and long hours but I never figured it would that stimulating. So my recent experience of make up artist work was a real eye opener!

indefinably not being as organised as i should be at the shoot....

So when a photographer friend of mine asked if I would help her out on a shoot I was like “hell yes” And preceded in packing up all of my collection (cleansed brushes of course) and toddling over to her house. Only to find studio lights, cameras and umbrellas(? some crazy photographer technique apparently lol) everywhere! She obviously was taking it more seriously than I was. Meaning I had to step up my game.  Now apart from attacking my friends and mother with make up on every occasion possible I don’t really have any experience with makeup work. Luckily the model was my housemate, which meant it wasn’t too bad when I poked her in the eye lol

Here are some photos from the shoot…

The photographer wanted high fashion block colour looks and I really did try my best. The whole experience was eye opening as it took about 6 hours for 4 photos and the models skin was so different to everyone’s I had worked on before. Lets just say, although I enjoyed it and was thrilled with the results I don’t think I will ever call a make up artists job easy again…

What do you guys think? Have you got any experience with make up work?? 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yap Yap Yap

Hi friends!!!!!

So i know its been a while... I tend to always do this with blogs as I have all the intention of blogging my life, but in reality its so hard! Seriously! I have major props for the bloggers that can do it everyday, because whilst juggling working and uni I really cant. But anyways…

Im not going to promise to be back, because when uni starts again soon I don’t know if I will want to spend my spare time lusting over things, or writing down reviews. I will probably just want to watch films and play xbox (yes im that type of girl) But for know at least im back, at least somewhat! Lol

So this post is just a little post to let you guys know im here still, and do have the intentions of coming back. Blogging is just a hell of a lot harder than I thought!!!


(what i do in my spare time from blogging obv..)