Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yap Yap Yap

Hi friends!!!!!

So i know its been a while... I tend to always do this with blogs as I have all the intention of blogging my life, but in reality its so hard! Seriously! I have major props for the bloggers that can do it everyday, because whilst juggling working and uni I really cant. But anyways…

Im not going to promise to be back, because when uni starts again soon I don’t know if I will want to spend my spare time lusting over things, or writing down reviews. I will probably just want to watch films and play xbox (yes im that type of girl) But for know at least im back, at least somewhat! Lol

So this post is just a little post to let you guys know im here still, and do have the intentions of coming back. Blogging is just a hell of a lot harder than I thought!!!


(what i do in my spare time from blogging obv..)

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