Sunday, 30 September 2012

L'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me Golden


A while back i posted how much I love the loreal Color Riche made for me. Well i found another one!!
Not in the same color, but in a slightly different shade. 

This is the Color Riche Made for me, Golden, in Blondes, 263 Rose Diamond.

Its a bit more sheer than the other one i have, but its still perfect to just shove on and go. Giving your whole face a lighten look and looking great on the lips. 

This is a super nice almost auburn pink color with lots of shimmer. Again the formula is super hydrating and nourishing and lasts for hours. 

(Although i dropped this just after photographing and now it has a dent :( )
I love these lipsticks and my plan is to get as many as possible before they vanish!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Elf Cream Blush

Hi Guys!

Oh dear… Its never good when a company has something such as a 50% off voucher as I can just never seem to stop myself. The same came when I was browsing elf recently as if you order £50 you got £25 off, with free shipping for orders over £30.. Therefore I just had to spend £30 and pick up a few things I had been eyeing up for months! The problem I find with ordering online, in order to justify the expense I tend to buy big amounts as then I only have to do a elf order every 4 months or so and by that time I know what I like and they have new goodies! The same can be said for today when this beauty arrived…

I will be doing an Elf Haul soon, but it’s going to be product by product and I want a chance to use the product before reviewing it so this may take a few weeks. But when this arrived this morning the first thing that caught my eye was this.

It’s the ELF Studio Cream Blush in Heartbreaker

They say: This amazing blush offers the best of both worlds! It smoothes on as a cream for great texture and then transforms into a velvety soft powder finish for long-lasting rich color that’s never greasy! The lightweight, refreshing oil-free formula looks natural and radiates a beautiful glow perfect for all skin types. The soft powder finish can be layered for desired intensity and dimension.

Now I must admit im fairly new to the cream blush thing… After spending what seems like my entire life in make up trying to be matte its new to me not to finish everything with lashings of powder, although recently ive been trying for a more glowing look and less powdery. So I wanted to try cream blushes. After only owning one (review here) and wanting to try more I picked up this.

It’s a really nice baby pink/rosy colour. Nothing like the online swatch though. One thing I will say about ELF is they really need to sort out their colour swatches online. Although they all are pretty colours and I like the colour this came in (thanks to Google searches) its nothing like the swatch on the website. So when ordering I would say look up the product first to get a good colour sample range. This colour would be perfect for fair skin tones used lightly and darker skin tones used as more of a accent colour. Its got a subtle shimmer that comes out more as the colour pigment wears off. I really like this!

Its super soft and reminds me of the Maybelline Bouncy Blush?? Is that Right? But with much more colour pay off as its super pigmented and perfect for just blending on and going. It finishes to a nice powder finish but with glow and a lot more natural looking than just slapping on some powder. I only used this this morning so as for lasting power I cant say, it has lasted for around 6 hours and is just starting to fade and go patchy but for a cheapish product you cant complain. 

This comes in at £6 which is pricy for elf but great for a cream blush as the size you get is huge!! It’s a 15g pot which is bigger than most cream blushes I have seen.

I adore this and will be buying some more colours of it next time I place and order when ELF have another discount!!

What do you think of ELF? How do you wear your cream blush?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sachajuan Haircare- Spf Mousse

Hello! :)

I love haircare! Anything that promises to make my hair look gorgeous, shiny and flowing whilst keeping it protected and nourished. So when I saw this mousse reduced I snapped it up!
Ive used a few Sachajuan products before and liked them, I also know that Alex from loves them. So I decided to give it go.
RRP for this product is £18, which is quite pricey but the brand Sachajuan is a Swedish Brand I believe which is quite high end, so these pricey are normal. I got mine from TKMaxx in the sale for £3 which is the same price as drug store. What a bargain!
Sachajuan say:
“Protect your hair as you do your skin from the damaging rays of the Sun with SACHAJUAN SPF Mousse. This lightweight mousse contains Ocean Silk Technology which provides superior shine whilst a UV filter protects.
The unique formula found in SACHAJUAN SPF Mousse creates shine and protects the hair from the sun without leaving it heavy. Its advanced filter will remain after rinsing to provide a long lasting effect”

The mousse itself smells pleasant and fresh with an unusual smell that the other products from this brand have. As you guys know I don’t tend to blow dry my hair at all, as I hate it! The only time I do is when im heading out or in a situation where I have to be quick. So I tried this out, before a night out. I washed my hair normally and applied oil and then used a two 50p size amounts throughout my hair. I found this was plenty as any more may have made it feel crunchy?

I then blow dried into soft curls using a round brush. I found this product made the curls hold in a soft and subtle way whilst keeping them natural and bouncy. I wouldn’t say it’s any different to any other cheaper mousse I have tried though, as the only really use mouse to hold a curl, and the main factor of being a SPF mousse isn’t really something you can tell. I think if I had lighter hair and was out in the sun a lot perhaps I could tell with fading and condition. It did give shine to my hair, but its generally shiny after blow drying anyway.

The curls lasted the night, but again a cheaper mousse would do the same.
Overall this product did its job, but wasn’t anything spectacular and deffo not worth the £18 price tag. For £3 its fine, but I won’t be jumping to grab it if I see it.

Have you tried Sachajuan? What do you think of them?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge volupte lipstick

Hi Lovelies!

Lipstick and I have a love hate relationship. I adore the range of colours and finishes available as well as the touch they can add to your make up look. However I hate reapplying make up during the day and I find that with a lipstick this is pretty much inevitable.

But still, although I wouldn’t say they are my most used item in my make-up stash I keep buying them. Alas, major shopping problems.

So this is a recent love of mine.

It’s the YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 7. I think its call lingerie pink in some places.

 Ysl say:

Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte from YSL, the first lipstick whose incredibly unctuous texture instantly softens the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure plus exceptional radiant colour. SPF 15.

I have to say firstly, how gorgeous is the packaging. I absolutely love this, and that was basically the reason I got it. Its so special and looks so expensive it’s a great thing to pull out to feel glamorous. It also feel quite weighty so makes you feel like its worth the money. God, I love this packaging!

The colour itself is almost a cool toned pink with a slight blue undertone, which in retrospect isn’t the best shade for me. It’s a nice Barbie pale pink which doesn’t work well with my skin tone which is warm, and so I wear more berry shades.

The lipstick itself has a strange consistency I find as its thin but very pigmented. It glides on the lips but doesn’t have much staying power, and needs to be reapplied frequently for a strong look. I also find this lipstick isn’t nourishing as it says, and can dry out the lips if they aren’t perfect. If you have cracked or flaky lips don’t wear this, its awful trust me.

I think I would love this lipstick so much more if I had picked a more suitable colour for me. The lipstick itself is average I’d say, but the packaging is amazing.

This retails at around £22 so pretty pricy for a lipstick, but if you can get the right colour to suit you I think its lovely.

Have you tried any YSL products? Which is your fave?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Review- Pixi Flawless Beauty Fluid

Hi guys

A new brand today. Pixi. I’ve never tried anything from them before and if im honest I haven’t really ever heard of them. But after doing some research I discovered they are actually a pretty big, reasonably high end make up brand. You can’t find it in drug stores, but they do have some of their own stores around the country.

I recently got Pixi Flawless Beauty Fluid in NO.1 Cream. Which is the lightest shade again.

Pixi Say:
Transforming your skin has never been made so easy, this Flawless Beauty Fluid from Pixi makes skin appear fresh and gorgeous with a youthful glow. Blurring out fine lines and evening skin tone to erase blemishes.
An oil-free foundation leaves skin flawless without feeling heavy and caked on. Vitamins infuse into skin to refresh cells, with a non-budge formula that will last you all day long. Oil absorbers balance skin and minimise pores that work on all skin types.
-Kaolin mattifies skin for a natural shine free look
-Vitamin E works as a powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant
-Vitamin B5 pampers amd softens skin

So basically I take this product as a mix between a foundation and a BB cream. So a lightweight foundation with light/med coverage. You guys know my feelings on light foundations…

The packaging is nice, as its glass and feels heavy. Not great for traveling but makes it feel luxurious and the green top makes it stand out and look quirky, which I like.
The product itself, feel amazing. Its creamy and silky and glides onto the skin leaving it looking smooth and flawless, as the name suggests. It is lightweight, but its buildable and has enough coverage to even out the skin without needing a high coverage. It sorted out my skin nicely and didn’t leave me looking cakey or orange, but soft and natural.

There aren’t a lot of colour selections, however NO.1 cream is the perfect Ivory warm toned colour and matches my skin perfectly. It also has no smell to it which is good, as I don’t do scented products. I found I only need to wear slight concealer and powder with this and my look was complete. Perfect for a fresh faced, flawless look, which is not easy to find.

Pricing is a bit funny, as online its anywhere between £8 and £22 so really look around first.
I love this and will be repurchasing!

Have you tried Pixi? What else should I try from them?

FOTD 24/09 + Studded Bralet

Hi my loves :)

Urgh, the weather. How horrible. Im British, and so i feel its my right to moan about the weather. All I want to do is curl up in bed with Chinese food and a hot water bottle and stay away from the rain. However life has different ideas. Mainly uni. 

Its my first day back today. YAY! At least it should be yay, as im glad to go back but im heading into my final year and so the workload is going to be massive so im kind of dreading it at the same time. But oh well....

Something you should know about me:

I dont do not dressed up. 
Even when its tipping down with rain, im hungover or ill i still find it impossible to go out without doing my hair and putting on my face. As well as wearing sparkle. I always wear sparkle.
Vain? Maybe but i just cant do it. 
So... Even though its raining, freezing cold and horrible outside.  
This is what i look like:

Face: BB cream (review here)  Mac Studio Fix foundation (review here) 
Although i should said I am getting used to the foundation now. Its not the best for my skin and i wont be repurchasing but its nice enough if i only use a tiny bit and make my skin matte. 
Mac Studio Finish Concealer, 2 True Concealer, Mac Mineralized Skin finish. 
Cheeks: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy blush in 07, MUA blusher in 1, Two Faced Sunny Bunny Bronzer.
Eyebrows: HD Brow Pallet
Eyes: Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy, UD in Half Baked, Urban Decay in Smog
Fake lashes (ebay) Cut in half on each eye. Maybelline Growlicious Mascara. 

I also want to show you something!!


I've been after a bralet for ages, but im a curvy girl so i want reluctant to buy one as i had no idea how to wear it. Also the ones i have seen and liked have been around the £25-£30 mark which is alot for me considering i wasnt sure if i would wear it. However, when i stumbled across these beauties I just knew they were mine! I had looked at the cream lace one ages ago, as i thought it would be lovely to wear under sheer shirts, in a sexy but demure way? As you actually cant see anything.. So when i saw it in the sale for £11 i snapped it up.

The studded one was more of an impulse buy as i love studs and anything with them on will soon be mine! I wasnt too sure how to wear it though as i dont want to wear it as a crop top. So i picked up a cheap vest top in a few sizes to big to layer over the top. The result?


I love it! The vest top looks fine over the top, as i had pulled it down more for this photo so you could see. Its feminine but edgy and looks so nice. At least i think? I think for me, this is the best way to wear this as its comfy yet stylish and shows off the studs. LOVE IT!

What do you think? Do you like Bralets? How do you wear them?
Any tips for me??

Friday, 21 September 2012

Lee Stafford “Shine Head Conditioner”

Hi guys!

I thought I would tell you some of my favourite hair care products in a group of posts coming soon. So, as my hair is damaged from colouring mainly as I try not to use heat as much nowadays I need a good conditioner. All the time. I can’t not use conditioner as my hair is so unmanageable and dry it’s just not possible. I tend to go through a bottle of conditioner about once a month as I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but I leave It on for as long as possible, even a few hours if I can.

This weeks hair care review is about the Lee Stafford “Shine Head Conditioner”
It says
“One of the things I get asked for most is sexy, silky, shiny hair. Well, the second step to the dazzling super star shine you desire is my creamy, calming, concentrated Shine Head Conditioner.
This gorgeously thick creamy conditioner will caress your hair smoothing it and will leave you with damn sexy shiny locks.”

However through looking up this product I have found it has been discontinued! Which is sad as its actually a really good product! I do say this product is thick and creamy and if you have fine hair it could weigh it down as it can make it greasy. I apply it from pony tail length downwards then quickly run what’s left on hands throughout all my hair. ALSO THIS MAKES MY HAIR SO SHINY!

Its not the most hydrating product but shine wise it’s amazing. I use this product more when I have dark hair as it’s the shine I like and I tend not to have such dry hair when im dark compared to when im blonde.
Although it is discontinued you can still find this on ebay for around £4 which is a bargain!!
Have you tried Lee Stafford?? 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Love Swans Statement Blouse

Hi Lovelies:)

How great is this shirt from H&M??

Its a sheer blouse in a lovely pink/peach color covered in swans making hearts!
Its longer at the back that the front which makes it perfect for wearing with just jeans on a laid back day. Or tucking into a skirt or tight skinnies to create something more dressy. I love it!

Also, one great thing about this top. It fits around the bust great, so i didn't have to size up which is nice.
I cant find it online now, but didn't buy it very long ago so have a look in your H&M divided section now! I think it was around £19.99 which is great for a piece as versatile as this. It also feels of great quality.

Do you like statement blouses? Whats yours?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review- Skin 79 Super+ BB cream

Hi Guys :)
Im going to review a product today that everyone is the beauty world knows about. However this particular brand is never really touches upon but its literally my go to product and favourite make up item, ever.

It’s the Skin 79, Super+ BB cream.

Now everyone has heard of the Garnier BB cream and every western brand now seems to have their own version. However ive been using this stuff since I started wearing makeup, so since I was about 14/15.

It says:
Skin79 Gold Label VIP Super Plus Beblesh Balm is, together with Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm, the bestseller of Skin79.

Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream is the variant for dry or mature skin and has triple action:

·         Whitening for a spotless and smooth skin
·         Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
·         High degree of protection against UV rays

Combine the conditioning properties with make-up. 

·         Protects, regenerates and soothes the skin
·         Makes makeup like foundation and moisturiser redundant
·         Conceals and contributes to the restoration of freckles, acne, scars and facial spots
·         Available in two variants for different skin types
It contains Gold, caviar and almond oil to nourish and protect your skin.

(The BB cream I have in the photo is the VIP Gold collection, however I have also tried the Pink one which works just as well)
This BB cream works in the same way Western ones do, but because BB creams in Asia have been going longer it feels more developed and better for the skin.

Although it has the lightness of a BB cream it still provides some coverage and allows me not to bother with concealer if I don’t feel I need it. I wear this every day after moisturising to even out my skin tone without using loads of foundation. I then just apply a tiny amount of foundation to cover up and extra areas.

It does come out as a pale color with grey/yellow undertones but it soon sets to a color pretty much the same as your natural skin. But feels and looks so much better! Its also great to use a small amount as a primer.

Just pat in on after mosturising to give a great coverage. I also find that when I use this after a few weeks my skin clears up great, as well as having extra SPF 25 to protect it. Honestly I love this stuff.
You cant find it in the Uk however, and so I buy mine in bulk of 2/3 bottles from ebay. Also you need less than a pump for everyday use so a bottle lasts me about 6-9 months. :)

You can find yours here:
And it retails at less than £10 a bottle.

If you love BB Cream, why not try this out? I love this stuff!!! I know this sounds like a advert but honeslty i cannot rave about this stuff enough!

Would you try this? Or do you hate BB cream?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Back to basics


I know i said i liked my hair colour a few posts ago. Yes well i changed my mind lol. Im so bad, when i get an impulse i need to do things right then. So as autumn is coming i decided to go back to a natural darkish brunette. I love having darker hair at the end of the year as it makes me feel all cosy and complements the jewel color and winter outfits i like to wear better.

So as my hair is naturally red its so hard for me to get a neutral brown and often means i have to double dye my hair. This means i have to dye it on the first day, wait a day, then re dye it to cover the red. Its not that great for the hair, but isnt as damaging as lightening it. Plus for me at least its the only way i can really cover the natural red, brassy tones i have. It also means i need to pick a hair colourent with neutral to cool tones. Nice and Easy always works the best for me, as its so simple and never seems to mess up.

I choose 106B, Natural Lightest Golden Brown.

This isnt the the most neutral color i could of choose but i didn't want to go really dark so this was a good medium. Plus this seemed like a good base color to use in case i did want to go darker all lighter afterwards, or incase it went wrong. 

You apply it to dry hair and wait for around 20-30 minutes, or at least i do as my hair takes color but fades like made so i like to get it darker to fade to the right color. To achieve this color i left it on for 25 minutes. 

I wash it out and leave the conditioner that comes with it on for around 2 hours to help it sink in and undo the damage i've just done. I then let my hair dry naturally and wait for at least 24 hours before doing any else It's better if you can wait longer as it will allow the color to set and really sink in. Washing, dyeing and even using heat on your hair can effect the color so i literally just let it dry and tie it up. 

At this point if you hate the color, to fade it i would recommend using washing up liquid or head and shoulder shampoo. As this will help strip the richer tones and leave you with a lighter mousy color.  If you love the color you can just leave it their and apply lots of nourishing treatments to help heal the cuticle. Lucky you your done!

However, my hair isn't finished. I havn't got a picture but it goes a warm reddy mahogany color. Its nice, but not when your trying to replace the red tones with cooler ones. Therefore i repeat the whole process again. I know this sound terribly damaging and harsh to the hair, but for me at least its not that bad. My hair feels a bit dry after but nothing a bit of TLC wont fix. However this time i leave the conditioner on for as long as possible, sometime 4+ hours. This ensures my hair gets what it needs. This process does damage but not anything to major.

My extensions- As i wear extensions i often just color the same way i do my hair as it gets expensive to keep replacing every time. Although i will replace them soon, this is just to keep my going for the next few months whilst i get the money and find the right color. It also allows me to play around with the color on them. This time for example i attempted a faint ombre effect. 

This meant i left the bottom 1/4 of the extensions my original color, this was a light copper/blonde. This will be the bottom of the ombre. The next 1/4 up i dyed just once, and the up 2/4 i dyed twice. This allowed me to create the effect of ombre without trashing my hair any more than it had to. I then left the conditioner on overnight and i can honestly say my extensions weren't damaged. I applied lots of argan oil to keep them hydrated and air dried them. They feel soft and shiny and the ombre is subtle but looks gorgeous in the sun!

Over all my hair is a slight bit dry, but shiny and soft a lovely color. :)

I hope this answers any questions!
How do you dry your hair? Do you have any tips?

L'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me

Hi guys!

Just thought I would share my bargain find with you!

So this is the L'Oreal Color Riche Made for Me, in Dark Brunette, colour 257 Sunset Blush.
This is my most worn lipstick ever and I will literally be gutted when it runs out as im sure you cant get them anymore, as I found this little baby on a market about 1 year ago and have treasured it since.
It’s a gorgeous berry pink colour which is super nourishing and hydrating on the lips. It lasts for hours and stays true to colour the whole time.

The best bit? I got this for £1 of a market stall. If you guys know where I can still find this let me know!!

Whats your favourite lipstick??

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Clarins Skincare

Recently a very lovely lady for BBS sent me some Clarins samples. I’ve been after some new skincare for a while, but haven’t got the time, money or patience to try out loads of different brands. As I’ve got only I think I’ve started to appreciate the importance of a good skin care routine and so I wanted to treat myself to some high-end skincare. Mainly a new face wash, an eye cream and a moisturizer.

 I wondered around Debenhams looking at stalls such as Clarins, Estdee Lauder and Clinque only to be told that in order to get even a tiny sample of something I would either have to buy something or just not get one.  Something that really annoys me about a lot of high end counters is they fact they dislike giving out samples, when im not the type of girl to spend £50+ on something I haven’t even tried. Especially when you have skin as sensitive as mine.

So I walked away and decided to just trial and error with drugstore. Not exactly the luxurious experience I was hoping for. Until this lovely lady sent me some sample that she had.  I was so happy as it was exactly what I wanted!!

Those I like:
Gentle Foaming Cleanser:
This is so nice!! Its gentle for morning use and really makes my skin feel clean but soft. It also removes most of my make up in the night, with just a tiny bit of make remover needed for eye makeup. It also smells so good!! Will deffo be buying this when i get paid as im sure my skin has cleared up thanks to this. 
Full size RRP- £17.50

Multi-Active Day Cream:
Such a rich but creamy moisturizer basically. Great for everyday use, as it says. Sits under my make up in the morning allowing for even application and hydration throughout the day. Love this too as its not greasy and perfect for sensitive skin without blocking pores.  Its rather expensive though, as is most of the products so this might be an investment.
RRP- £39

Eye Contour Balm:
Im fairly new to eye cream and so this was a perfect way for me to find one that i like without spending loads on trial and error. Soft and creamy and lasted for ages considering it was a small sample. Again pricey for an eye cream, but most eye creams are. 
RRP- £28

Hydra-Quench Cream Balm
Love this!! I washed my face and applied a thickish layer to the skin, I left to sit for around 10 mins and found most of it had sunk in leaving only a wiped away residue. Made my skin super soft and felt so clean and refreshed! Too expensive for everyday use though, so this treatment might be one i ask for for Christmas for a weekly refresh. 

Those I didn't:

Toning Lotion
Honestly i have never seen the point of toning, its such a waste of my time and it never makes any difference to my skin. I realize this is meant to be a important part of skincare but i would rather spend money elsewhere. This product just feels like every other toner i've ever tried...

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
Sad thing. This product broke me out and made my skin feel like it was burning. I think this may be an allergic reaction, so not the products fault. It did clean my skin, but the rash wasn't worth it for me. Might be great if you dont have sensitive skin!
RRP £19

Cleansing Milk
I found this product so strange!! It felt like putting oil on my face. I used this on a made up face in a attempt to wash of makeup. What a mess it made! Admittedly it got my make up off, most of it at least but left my face feeling oily and weird. I dont know if this is just me but wasn't fond of this at all. 
RRP- £17.50

Hydra Quench Cream
This is pretty much the same product as before but instead of using it like a treatment mask you use it as a everyday moisturizer. I liked it, and it made my skin soft and clean. But for the price i think i could get something pretty much to same for much less. Shame though as it was nice!!
RRP- £33.50 

So thats what ive been trying. I will say though, my skin has cleared up so much from using these products. i dont know if its me paying more attention to my skin or the products themselves but i love it! Will deffo be purcahsing more of the products as i get the money as they only downside is the cost.

What do you think? Have you tired Clarins? Is it worth the money?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Mexican Night

Hi Lovelies :)

Another quick recipe post! So as you guys know im a big lover of Mexican food! So we have a weekly Mexican night! The spicy the better for me, however my boyfriend isn’t really one for the spice so we decided to try the Mild Fajita kit as this promises to be tasty even though its mild.

I’ll be honest even though I know I love fajita’s I was expecting much, as I thought this would just be a plain tomato sauce with bits of meat. How wrong was I!

What we used:
Fajita kit
Sour Cream
Salt and Pepper
Re-fried Beans

We added peppers and onion as we like to make all our meals a bit more substantial and I find that just chicken doesn’t really fill us up, plus it’s a great way to make sure we get our part of 5 a day.
I also have an obsession with refried beans so they were added to the mix too, as a side dish to complement our meal.

How yummy does this look

The sauce itself was tasty and delicious with no spiciness but plenty of flavour, super yummy! I do wish though they did smaller kits as you get 8 servings and with only me and the bf to eat it, it’s a lot of waste or leftovers. Whilst everything tastes good leftover its better fresh so I wish they did a couple kit or something of the like :/

 Served in proper Mexican style!

This was super tasty and I recommend you go and try this kit if you haven’t already!

FOTD 14/09

 FOTD 14/09

A slightly different look today. My hair is a mess as its in desperate need of a color, so looks really muddy and horrible so we will ignore that.

Darker lip color today though, as its cloudy and looks like its going to rain which means i like to look comfy and autumny.

On face- BB cream, Pixi Flawless Face, Max studio fix concealer, Mac skin finish, Mua Bronzer, Elf Blush in Fushia, Topshop Highlighter.

Eyes- Mac woodwinked, Mac Brulee.

Eyebrows- Mua Pencil in Blonde

Lips- Rimmel 2000 Kisses in Perpetual Plum


Do you like a darker lip??

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Review- Mac studio Fix Fluid

Hi guys

I've never really been into Mac. I know someone who inst into Mac!!! Whilst I have a few eye shadows and bits and pieces, I just find it too be really over priced for items that the drugstore can do just as well most of the time. But recently when I had a bit of extra money I decided I would treat myself to a new face basics routine using Mac products, as i figured with the reputation they have it would be a good investment. 

I wanted the basics, so foundation, concealer and powder. This post is about the foundation I picked up.

Now before I start I should point out that my everyday look is pretty high maintenance Fake nails, fake eyelashes, hair extensions and make up wise I like full coverage flawless look with doll like elements. Whilst I get this may not be for everyone this is how I do mine. So out of a foundation I tend to look for the following things :

Great coverage
No shine
Powder like finish
Staying power
I asked the woman in Mac and she suggested this foundation.

It’s the Studio Fix Fluid, SPF 15 in shade NC15. Which I believe is the lightest shade they do. On this point though I do have to say it still isn’t that light, the website picture looks nothing like it in real life. Its almost like a yellow toned ivory, which honestly I still think is a tadge dark for me still. Which is annoying but I can work with it.
If you were porcelain pale or really fair (which is hard as im pretty pale) I don’t think you would be able to wear this without looking muddy or just orange.

Mac say
A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. Oil free.

So sounds like something I’d be after.

I’ve had this foundation for about 10 days now and have used various brushes and powders with it to try and see what works best. I can honestly say I don’t love this foundation. Which is a shame as its not cheap at £20.50.

Also the pump that comes with it- yeah you have to buy that for another £4.... Not impressed.

Firstly I find that it makes me look cakey- I don’t know if this is the way im applying it, the powder or whatever but it just does not sit on my skin right. If I apply it at 9am in the morning by around 1ish the cakey look is gone and I love the finish that is left, but that’s 4 hours of cake face…
I’ve tried using minimal products and buffing the hell out of it and it just does not happen…Im hoping the more I play with it, ill discover how’s best to use it.
I asked Mac to be given the answer “the foundation may not be right for you” which is useful…

Also I cannot stand the smell. It smells paint like and just not like something you want to put on your face.

Coverage wise it is good coverage, dries to a powder like finish and lasts a while which is why it’s such a shame I won’t be repurchasing.

Overall I give this foundation
5/10 which for Mac I don’t think is worth it, and ill stick to my drugstore foundations in the future. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marc Jacobs Bag

Hi guys :)
I thought I would show you all my latest purchase!

Now anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession and love of handbags. I don’t tend to buy cheap bags, or at least not very often as they are the one thing that I feel should be quality and the thing you can deffo tell if they are cheap or not. Not that there is anything wrong with having cheaper bags as some are lovely! I just love having a splurge on them!
So, my new baby!

It’s a Marc Jacobs baby Aidan bag in a wine colour. I was worried about the colour too as I normally choose neutral bags to go with any outfit, but I do have to say this matches everything surprisingly well. It brings a nice amount of colour to any outfit but still looks slightly demure but classy. Also its bang on trend for autumn/winter with the berry trend!
Now I do have to say I bought this second hand so its not fully perfect, as it has a few marks here and there but in reality it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! The leather is a amazing buttery finish and it feels such quality! IM IN LOVE!

I also love the hardware. It a brassy gold colour and makes the bag seem so much more expensive and high end.

Another thing I was worried about is the size of it, as I worried it would be too small! But it really isn’t! I can fit all my average handbag contents in as well as more so: my purse, water, notebook, pens, bus pass, and camera. Really plenty of room!
Eeeepp..This bag retails at around £350 but check sales as I got mine for less than £160, although it is an older Marc Jacobs bag so check around!

What’s your biggest splurge? Are you a handbag person or shoes??

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Storage Solutions

Hi lovelies!

So im all moved into my new home! Well at least for university. However although I adore my new house with my friends, for students storage is always a problem. So this is what I do to help storage!

In my new bedroom the wardrobe is literally tiny, I can fit about 2 coats in there plus I find with wardrobes I always forget what clothes I have and end up wearing the same things over and over again and not really exploring the outfits I have and how I could wear things. Plus I spend so much money on clothes I think I should display them!
Therefore I like to use a good old fashioned clothes rail. This one is from wilkos and was about £8?
I do have to say though it isn’t very strong and has started to break and tilt in an awkward direction. So if you were to buy one I would buy the next one up which is around £15 and I assume would be of better quality. Although this will do me fine for my time in this house, and I honestly prefer it to my wardrobe. It also means I can hang up clothes that im currently loving, in my case sparkly ones! If i were organised i would have it in colour order as this would make it look even nicer! However yeah.. im not lol

I also use the bottom of it to store all my bags and extras which I have no space for!

I like to store my clothes in order of things I wear the most so dresses, blouses, tops, cardigans and sweaters, then extras such as dresses and chinos.
I also like the fact I can see at a glance what im missing or have in my collection and it makes it so much easier to put together an outfit, using things I have forgotten about.
I actually really like this as a solution!

What do you think? Do you prefer wardrobes?