Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Marc Jacobs Bag

Hi guys :)
I thought I would show you all my latest purchase!

Now anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession and love of handbags. I don’t tend to buy cheap bags, or at least not very often as they are the one thing that I feel should be quality and the thing you can deffo tell if they are cheap or not. Not that there is anything wrong with having cheaper bags as some are lovely! I just love having a splurge on them!
So, my new baby!

It’s a Marc Jacobs baby Aidan bag in a wine colour. I was worried about the colour too as I normally choose neutral bags to go with any outfit, but I do have to say this matches everything surprisingly well. It brings a nice amount of colour to any outfit but still looks slightly demure but classy. Also its bang on trend for autumn/winter with the berry trend!
Now I do have to say I bought this second hand so its not fully perfect, as it has a few marks here and there but in reality it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! The leather is a amazing buttery finish and it feels such quality! IM IN LOVE!

I also love the hardware. It a brassy gold colour and makes the bag seem so much more expensive and high end.

Another thing I was worried about is the size of it, as I worried it would be too small! But it really isn’t! I can fit all my average handbag contents in as well as more so: my purse, water, notebook, pens, bus pass, and camera. Really plenty of room!
Eeeepp..This bag retails at around £350 but check sales as I got mine for less than £160, although it is an older Marc Jacobs bag so check around!

What’s your biggest splurge? Are you a handbag person or shoes??


  1. My biggest splurge was actually the same sort of thing, the Marc by marc jacobs Petal To The Metal bag, it was part christmas present part bought by me and I still love it more than anything else I own! That bag is another of my favourite marc jacobs bag its just amazing hun, looks stunning! x

  2. awww thank you :) I think marc jacobs bags are so nice!! And they feel such good quality lol I want the petal to the metal bag!!! xx