Monday, 17 September 2012

Back to basics


I know i said i liked my hair colour a few posts ago. Yes well i changed my mind lol. Im so bad, when i get an impulse i need to do things right then. So as autumn is coming i decided to go back to a natural darkish brunette. I love having darker hair at the end of the year as it makes me feel all cosy and complements the jewel color and winter outfits i like to wear better.

So as my hair is naturally red its so hard for me to get a neutral brown and often means i have to double dye my hair. This means i have to dye it on the first day, wait a day, then re dye it to cover the red. Its not that great for the hair, but isnt as damaging as lightening it. Plus for me at least its the only way i can really cover the natural red, brassy tones i have. It also means i need to pick a hair colourent with neutral to cool tones. Nice and Easy always works the best for me, as its so simple and never seems to mess up.

I choose 106B, Natural Lightest Golden Brown.

This isnt the the most neutral color i could of choose but i didn't want to go really dark so this was a good medium. Plus this seemed like a good base color to use in case i did want to go darker all lighter afterwards, or incase it went wrong. 

You apply it to dry hair and wait for around 20-30 minutes, or at least i do as my hair takes color but fades like made so i like to get it darker to fade to the right color. To achieve this color i left it on for 25 minutes. 

I wash it out and leave the conditioner that comes with it on for around 2 hours to help it sink in and undo the damage i've just done. I then let my hair dry naturally and wait for at least 24 hours before doing any else It's better if you can wait longer as it will allow the color to set and really sink in. Washing, dyeing and even using heat on your hair can effect the color so i literally just let it dry and tie it up. 

At this point if you hate the color, to fade it i would recommend using washing up liquid or head and shoulder shampoo. As this will help strip the richer tones and leave you with a lighter mousy color.  If you love the color you can just leave it their and apply lots of nourishing treatments to help heal the cuticle. Lucky you your done!

However, my hair isn't finished. I havn't got a picture but it goes a warm reddy mahogany color. Its nice, but not when your trying to replace the red tones with cooler ones. Therefore i repeat the whole process again. I know this sound terribly damaging and harsh to the hair, but for me at least its not that bad. My hair feels a bit dry after but nothing a bit of TLC wont fix. However this time i leave the conditioner on for as long as possible, sometime 4+ hours. This ensures my hair gets what it needs. This process does damage but not anything to major.

My extensions- As i wear extensions i often just color the same way i do my hair as it gets expensive to keep replacing every time. Although i will replace them soon, this is just to keep my going for the next few months whilst i get the money and find the right color. It also allows me to play around with the color on them. This time for example i attempted a faint ombre effect. 

This meant i left the bottom 1/4 of the extensions my original color, this was a light copper/blonde. This will be the bottom of the ombre. The next 1/4 up i dyed just once, and the up 2/4 i dyed twice. This allowed me to create the effect of ombre without trashing my hair any more than it had to. I then left the conditioner on overnight and i can honestly say my extensions weren't damaged. I applied lots of argan oil to keep them hydrated and air dried them. They feel soft and shiny and the ombre is subtle but looks gorgeous in the sun!

Over all my hair is a slight bit dry, but shiny and soft a lovely color. :)

I hope this answers any questions!
How do you dry your hair? Do you have any tips?

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