Sunday, 16 September 2012

Clarins Skincare

Recently a very lovely lady for BBS sent me some Clarins samples. I’ve been after some new skincare for a while, but haven’t got the time, money or patience to try out loads of different brands. As I’ve got only I think I’ve started to appreciate the importance of a good skin care routine and so I wanted to treat myself to some high-end skincare. Mainly a new face wash, an eye cream and a moisturizer.

 I wondered around Debenhams looking at stalls such as Clarins, Estdee Lauder and Clinque only to be told that in order to get even a tiny sample of something I would either have to buy something or just not get one.  Something that really annoys me about a lot of high end counters is they fact they dislike giving out samples, when im not the type of girl to spend £50+ on something I haven’t even tried. Especially when you have skin as sensitive as mine.

So I walked away and decided to just trial and error with drugstore. Not exactly the luxurious experience I was hoping for. Until this lovely lady sent me some sample that she had.  I was so happy as it was exactly what I wanted!!

Those I like:
Gentle Foaming Cleanser:
This is so nice!! Its gentle for morning use and really makes my skin feel clean but soft. It also removes most of my make up in the night, with just a tiny bit of make remover needed for eye makeup. It also smells so good!! Will deffo be buying this when i get paid as im sure my skin has cleared up thanks to this. 
Full size RRP- £17.50

Multi-Active Day Cream:
Such a rich but creamy moisturizer basically. Great for everyday use, as it says. Sits under my make up in the morning allowing for even application and hydration throughout the day. Love this too as its not greasy and perfect for sensitive skin without blocking pores.  Its rather expensive though, as is most of the products so this might be an investment.
RRP- £39

Eye Contour Balm:
Im fairly new to eye cream and so this was a perfect way for me to find one that i like without spending loads on trial and error. Soft and creamy and lasted for ages considering it was a small sample. Again pricey for an eye cream, but most eye creams are. 
RRP- £28

Hydra-Quench Cream Balm
Love this!! I washed my face and applied a thickish layer to the skin, I left to sit for around 10 mins and found most of it had sunk in leaving only a wiped away residue. Made my skin super soft and felt so clean and refreshed! Too expensive for everyday use though, so this treatment might be one i ask for for Christmas for a weekly refresh. 

Those I didn't:

Toning Lotion
Honestly i have never seen the point of toning, its such a waste of my time and it never makes any difference to my skin. I realize this is meant to be a important part of skincare but i would rather spend money elsewhere. This product just feels like every other toner i've ever tried...

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
Sad thing. This product broke me out and made my skin feel like it was burning. I think this may be an allergic reaction, so not the products fault. It did clean my skin, but the rash wasn't worth it for me. Might be great if you dont have sensitive skin!
RRP £19

Cleansing Milk
I found this product so strange!! It felt like putting oil on my face. I used this on a made up face in a attempt to wash of makeup. What a mess it made! Admittedly it got my make up off, most of it at least but left my face feeling oily and weird. I dont know if this is just me but wasn't fond of this at all. 
RRP- £17.50

Hydra Quench Cream
This is pretty much the same product as before but instead of using it like a treatment mask you use it as a everyday moisturizer. I liked it, and it made my skin soft and clean. But for the price i think i could get something pretty much to same for much less. Shame though as it was nice!!
RRP- £33.50 

So thats what ive been trying. I will say though, my skin has cleared up so much from using these products. i dont know if its me paying more attention to my skin or the products themselves but i love it! Will deffo be purcahsing more of the products as i get the money as they only downside is the cost.

What do you think? Have you tired Clarins? Is it worth the money?

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