Saturday, 1 September 2012

FOTD 1/09

Hi Guys :)
Face of the day time today and a quick outfit post. Although really it’s not that interesting as im not really planning to do anything mega epic, just getting the internet installed!! YAY!! which has now been done!!!

 Moved into our new house last night so today consists of picking up some new candles, not too sure which type yet as I normally love Yankee candles but they are so expensive!! A little birdie told me however that pound land is good for scented candles? So might go have a looksee. Also our new bedroom floor is wood so I might pick up a rug depending on how cold I feel my feet our in the morning, haha. Typical student, I want all these nice things on a budget…

Cleaning today as well, as our new place isn’t exactly pristine, but I do love it. Its so cosy and on a much better estate than our last one.

I look soooo stupid on this photo :/ but alas its the only one where i look the right colour.. stupid new lighting. 

So today’s face is really simple with just a basic Smokey eye and flushed cheeks. I do find that when I have my hair big I have to compensate with really smokey make up otherwise I don’t look right. Does that make sense?? Lol I just feel like I don’t look like me!
I do have to say though im actually loving my hair colour atm which makes a change for me! lol

Outfit is fairly boring too really. Just some chinos and a flowery crop top. Its bland outside today so I cant get away with not wearing a coat either :(

Bye Guys

R xx

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