Monday, 24 September 2012

FOTD 24/09 + Studded Bralet

Hi my loves :)

Urgh, the weather. How horrible. Im British, and so i feel its my right to moan about the weather. All I want to do is curl up in bed with Chinese food and a hot water bottle and stay away from the rain. However life has different ideas. Mainly uni. 

Its my first day back today. YAY! At least it should be yay, as im glad to go back but im heading into my final year and so the workload is going to be massive so im kind of dreading it at the same time. But oh well....

Something you should know about me:

I dont do not dressed up. 
Even when its tipping down with rain, im hungover or ill i still find it impossible to go out without doing my hair and putting on my face. As well as wearing sparkle. I always wear sparkle.
Vain? Maybe but i just cant do it. 
So... Even though its raining, freezing cold and horrible outside.  
This is what i look like:

Face: BB cream (review here)  Mac Studio Fix foundation (review here) 
Although i should said I am getting used to the foundation now. Its not the best for my skin and i wont be repurchasing but its nice enough if i only use a tiny bit and make my skin matte. 
Mac Studio Finish Concealer, 2 True Concealer, Mac Mineralized Skin finish. 
Cheeks: Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy blush in 07, MUA blusher in 1, Two Faced Sunny Bunny Bronzer.
Eyebrows: HD Brow Pallet
Eyes: Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy, UD in Half Baked, Urban Decay in Smog
Fake lashes (ebay) Cut in half on each eye. Maybelline Growlicious Mascara. 

I also want to show you something!!


I've been after a bralet for ages, but im a curvy girl so i want reluctant to buy one as i had no idea how to wear it. Also the ones i have seen and liked have been around the £25-£30 mark which is alot for me considering i wasnt sure if i would wear it. However, when i stumbled across these beauties I just knew they were mine! I had looked at the cream lace one ages ago, as i thought it would be lovely to wear under sheer shirts, in a sexy but demure way? As you actually cant see anything.. So when i saw it in the sale for £11 i snapped it up.

The studded one was more of an impulse buy as i love studs and anything with them on will soon be mine! I wasnt too sure how to wear it though as i dont want to wear it as a crop top. So i picked up a cheap vest top in a few sizes to big to layer over the top. The result?


I love it! The vest top looks fine over the top, as i had pulled it down more for this photo so you could see. Its feminine but edgy and looks so nice. At least i think? I think for me, this is the best way to wear this as its comfy yet stylish and shows off the studs. LOVE IT!

What do you think? Do you like Bralets? How do you wear them?
Any tips for me??


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    1. Hi :)

      Erm their from a shop called ARK?

      I think its a chain shop but these were from Westfeild Merry Hill :) xx