Friday, 21 September 2012

Lee Stafford “Shine Head Conditioner”

Hi guys!

I thought I would tell you some of my favourite hair care products in a group of posts coming soon. So, as my hair is damaged from colouring mainly as I try not to use heat as much nowadays I need a good conditioner. All the time. I can’t not use conditioner as my hair is so unmanageable and dry it’s just not possible. I tend to go through a bottle of conditioner about once a month as I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, but I leave It on for as long as possible, even a few hours if I can.

This weeks hair care review is about the Lee Stafford “Shine Head Conditioner”
It says
“One of the things I get asked for most is sexy, silky, shiny hair. Well, the second step to the dazzling super star shine you desire is my creamy, calming, concentrated Shine Head Conditioner.
This gorgeously thick creamy conditioner will caress your hair smoothing it and will leave you with damn sexy shiny locks.”

However through looking up this product I have found it has been discontinued! Which is sad as its actually a really good product! I do say this product is thick and creamy and if you have fine hair it could weigh it down as it can make it greasy. I apply it from pony tail length downwards then quickly run what’s left on hands throughout all my hair. ALSO THIS MAKES MY HAIR SO SHINY!

Its not the most hydrating product but shine wise it’s amazing. I use this product more when I have dark hair as it’s the shine I like and I tend not to have such dry hair when im dark compared to when im blonde.
Although it is discontinued you can still find this on ebay for around £4 which is a bargain!!
Have you tried Lee Stafford?? 

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