Friday, 14 September 2012

Mexican Night

Hi Lovelies :)

Another quick recipe post! So as you guys know im a big lover of Mexican food! So we have a weekly Mexican night! The spicy the better for me, however my boyfriend isn’t really one for the spice so we decided to try the Mild Fajita kit as this promises to be tasty even though its mild.

I’ll be honest even though I know I love fajita’s I was expecting much, as I thought this would just be a plain tomato sauce with bits of meat. How wrong was I!

What we used:
Fajita kit
Sour Cream
Salt and Pepper
Re-fried Beans

We added peppers and onion as we like to make all our meals a bit more substantial and I find that just chicken doesn’t really fill us up, plus it’s a great way to make sure we get our part of 5 a day.
I also have an obsession with refried beans so they were added to the mix too, as a side dish to complement our meal.

How yummy does this look

The sauce itself was tasty and delicious with no spiciness but plenty of flavour, super yummy! I do wish though they did smaller kits as you get 8 servings and with only me and the bf to eat it, it’s a lot of waste or leftovers. Whilst everything tastes good leftover its better fresh so I wish they did a couple kit or something of the like :/

 Served in proper Mexican style!

This was super tasty and I recommend you go and try this kit if you haven’t already!

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