Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review- Skin 79 Super+ BB cream

Hi Guys :)
Im going to review a product today that everyone is the beauty world knows about. However this particular brand is never really touches upon but its literally my go to product and favourite make up item, ever.

It’s the Skin 79, Super+ BB cream.

Now everyone has heard of the Garnier BB cream and every western brand now seems to have their own version. However ive been using this stuff since I started wearing makeup, so since I was about 14/15.

It says:
Skin79 Gold Label VIP Super Plus Beblesh Balm is, together with Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm, the bestseller of Skin79.

Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream is the variant for dry or mature skin and has triple action:

·         Whitening for a spotless and smooth skin
·         Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
·         High degree of protection against UV rays

Combine the conditioning properties with make-up. 

·         Protects, regenerates and soothes the skin
·         Makes makeup like foundation and moisturiser redundant
·         Conceals and contributes to the restoration of freckles, acne, scars and facial spots
·         Available in two variants for different skin types
It contains Gold, caviar and almond oil to nourish and protect your skin.

(The BB cream I have in the photo is the VIP Gold collection, however I have also tried the Pink one which works just as well)
This BB cream works in the same way Western ones do, but because BB creams in Asia have been going longer it feels more developed and better for the skin.

Although it has the lightness of a BB cream it still provides some coverage and allows me not to bother with concealer if I don’t feel I need it. I wear this every day after moisturising to even out my skin tone without using loads of foundation. I then just apply a tiny amount of foundation to cover up and extra areas.

It does come out as a pale color with grey/yellow undertones but it soon sets to a color pretty much the same as your natural skin. But feels and looks so much better! Its also great to use a small amount as a primer.

Just pat in on after mosturising to give a great coverage. I also find that when I use this after a few weeks my skin clears up great, as well as having extra SPF 25 to protect it. Honestly I love this stuff.
You cant find it in the Uk however, and so I buy mine in bulk of 2/3 bottles from ebay. Also you need less than a pump for everyday use so a bottle lasts me about 6-9 months. :)

You can find yours here:
And it retails at less than £10 a bottle.

If you love BB Cream, why not try this out? I love this stuff!!! I know this sounds like a advert but honeslty i cannot rave about this stuff enough!

Would you try this? Or do you hate BB cream?

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