Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review- Yves Saint Laurent Rouge volupte lipstick

Hi Lovelies!

Lipstick and I have a love hate relationship. I adore the range of colours and finishes available as well as the touch they can add to your make up look. However I hate reapplying make up during the day and I find that with a lipstick this is pretty much inevitable.

But still, although I wouldn’t say they are my most used item in my make-up stash I keep buying them. Alas, major shopping problems.

So this is a recent love of mine.

It’s the YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 7. I think its call lingerie pink in some places.

 Ysl say:

Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte from YSL, the first lipstick whose incredibly unctuous texture instantly softens the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure plus exceptional radiant colour. SPF 15.

I have to say firstly, how gorgeous is the packaging. I absolutely love this, and that was basically the reason I got it. Its so special and looks so expensive it’s a great thing to pull out to feel glamorous. It also feel quite weighty so makes you feel like its worth the money. God, I love this packaging!

The colour itself is almost a cool toned pink with a slight blue undertone, which in retrospect isn’t the best shade for me. It’s a nice Barbie pale pink which doesn’t work well with my skin tone which is warm, and so I wear more berry shades.

The lipstick itself has a strange consistency I find as its thin but very pigmented. It glides on the lips but doesn’t have much staying power, and needs to be reapplied frequently for a strong look. I also find this lipstick isn’t nourishing as it says, and can dry out the lips if they aren’t perfect. If you have cracked or flaky lips don’t wear this, its awful trust me.

I think I would love this lipstick so much more if I had picked a more suitable colour for me. The lipstick itself is average I’d say, but the packaging is amazing.

This retails at around £22 so pretty pricy for a lipstick, but if you can get the right colour to suit you I think its lovely.

Have you tried any YSL products? Which is your fave?

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