Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sachajuan Haircare- Spf Mousse

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I love haircare! Anything that promises to make my hair look gorgeous, shiny and flowing whilst keeping it protected and nourished. So when I saw this mousse reduced I snapped it up!
Ive used a few Sachajuan products before and liked them, I also know that Alex from loves them. So I decided to give it go.
RRP for this product is £18, which is quite pricey but the brand Sachajuan is a Swedish Brand I believe which is quite high end, so these pricey are normal. I got mine from TKMaxx in the sale for £3 which is the same price as drug store. What a bargain!
Sachajuan say:
“Protect your hair as you do your skin from the damaging rays of the Sun with SACHAJUAN SPF Mousse. This lightweight mousse contains Ocean Silk Technology which provides superior shine whilst a UV filter protects.
The unique formula found in SACHAJUAN SPF Mousse creates shine and protects the hair from the sun without leaving it heavy. Its advanced filter will remain after rinsing to provide a long lasting effect”

The mousse itself smells pleasant and fresh with an unusual smell that the other products from this brand have. As you guys know I don’t tend to blow dry my hair at all, as I hate it! The only time I do is when im heading out or in a situation where I have to be quick. So I tried this out, before a night out. I washed my hair normally and applied oil and then used a two 50p size amounts throughout my hair. I found this was plenty as any more may have made it feel crunchy?

I then blow dried into soft curls using a round brush. I found this product made the curls hold in a soft and subtle way whilst keeping them natural and bouncy. I wouldn’t say it’s any different to any other cheaper mousse I have tried though, as the only really use mouse to hold a curl, and the main factor of being a SPF mousse isn’t really something you can tell. I think if I had lighter hair and was out in the sun a lot perhaps I could tell with fading and condition. It did give shine to my hair, but its generally shiny after blow drying anyway.

The curls lasted the night, but again a cheaper mousse would do the same.
Overall this product did its job, but wasn’t anything spectacular and deffo not worth the £18 price tag. For £3 its fine, but I won’t be jumping to grab it if I see it.

Have you tried Sachajuan? What do you think of them?

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