Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Storage Solutions

Hi lovelies!

So im all moved into my new home! Well at least for university. However although I adore my new house with my friends, for students storage is always a problem. So this is what I do to help storage!

In my new bedroom the wardrobe is literally tiny, I can fit about 2 coats in there plus I find with wardrobes I always forget what clothes I have and end up wearing the same things over and over again and not really exploring the outfits I have and how I could wear things. Plus I spend so much money on clothes I think I should display them!
Therefore I like to use a good old fashioned clothes rail. This one is from wilkos and was about £8?
I do have to say though it isn’t very strong and has started to break and tilt in an awkward direction. So if you were to buy one I would buy the next one up which is around £15 and I assume would be of better quality. Although this will do me fine for my time in this house, and I honestly prefer it to my wardrobe. It also means I can hang up clothes that im currently loving, in my case sparkly ones! If i were organised i would have it in colour order as this would make it look even nicer! However yeah.. im not lol

I also use the bottom of it to store all my bags and extras which I have no space for!

I like to store my clothes in order of things I wear the most so dresses, blouses, tops, cardigans and sweaters, then extras such as dresses and chinos.
I also like the fact I can see at a glance what im missing or have in my collection and it makes it so much easier to put together an outfit, using things I have forgotten about.
I actually really like this as a solution!

What do you think? Do you prefer wardrobes?

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