Friday, 7 September 2012

Stuffed Peppers

Hi lovelies :)
So a different type of post today, I love food. No surprise their, but I absolute adore making it as well as eating it. Moving to university and living on my own and with friends really helped me develop kitchen skills that mean I can create yummy food! Or at least I find it yummy! Im really more of a baker (in the loosest term) than a cook so this for me is a big step!! I mean its nothing major only spicy stuffed peppers but it was still good! So if your interested read on!

So you will need:
A big pepper
Hummus, spicy would be best but if you like other flavours go for it!
Cheese, I used Asda’s version of feta but also popped in some Wensleydale cheese as well. You only need a tiny bit though as it melts and flavours everything rich and creamy.
Refried Beans, these are the base of your stuffing. Pretty good for you as long as you check the label for salt e.g.

Literally all you do is:
Cut the pepper in half and scrap out all the seeds (keep a few to pop into the mixture)
Pop the pepper under the grill until slightly soft.
Whilst this is happening mix the beans, cheese and leftover pepper seeds in a bowl.
Take the peppers out from the grill and scoop in the mixture. Top with a little hummus.
Pop back until the girl for about 10 mins or until warm all the way through!

So that’s it!
I hope you try out this recipe as its really good and spicy and not that bad for you! Until next time!

R xx

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