Sunday, 21 October 2012

Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm

Hi lovelies :)

Yet another review today thanks to BBS (Beauty Box Swaps) I recently traded (again)some of my unloved make up goodies for another ladies seconds! Now when I say seconds most of the products you find on there are swatched or tried once, as most of you know you only need to tell straight off a lot of the time if you’re going to like something or not.

So, the Eyeko Fatbalm in Strawberry.

Ive heard a lot about Eyeko on the blogging world and have seen it in a few times in my local Superdrug. However when it was cheap I found myself ignoring it as the packaging made it somewhat childish and not nearly as nice to have in you make up bag as something high end. I also, maybe wrongly, thought it was meant for children or those just getting into make up. Anyway its now been re-branded as a more high end drugstore product and prices range between £10-£20 pounds, which I think is still expensive for Eyeko Drugstore. So when this was up for swaps I jumped at the opportunity to try something for basically nothing.
Although saying that I have just checked their website and it seems they no longer sell all the range they used to so it may be a problem finding this balm…

I got this hoping I could use it as a cheek stain and a quick lip balm with colour when im on the go. Firstly though, the smell! I personally adore this smell as it’s almost jam like. Anyone who knows me, knows Im a lover of sweet things and this is the essence of them. I think smelling like strawberry jam could be off putting for some, but for me. I LOVE IT!

The texture is balm like, but almost greasy. When I used this this morning as a cheek stain I thought it was a bit greasy to smear over my face and was worried about shine. However I popped some on the back of my hand and applied it that way. This post is about 6 hours later and it’s still there. A bit fainter but still hanging on, not bad for a cheaper product, nothing a bit of powder wont sort out.

The colour is like a deep jam (obsessive about jam on this post), but when applied its almost half its original pigment and comes out like a pinky plum, great for winter rosy cheeks. I think this would work great on fair skin girls such as myself as a quick go to product for a rosy glow that is seemingly hard to mess up, however darker skin ladies might find it doesn’t show up enough on their skin to really see any point.
I also tried this on my lips this morning and although it wore of pretty quickly, like most balms do though. It left a nice colour behind and also left them feeling silky and moisturized… As well as faint smell of jam on my lips….

I actually really like this product. The packaging is abit naff and feels cheap but nothing major. Im going to be keeping this in my makeup bag for a quick pick me up on the go.

Have you tried Eyeko? What do you think of their revamp?

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  1. Funnily enough I got one of these from BBS too but didn't use it so sold it. Mine had a vanilla cupcake scent. was gorgeous!