Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Herbal Conk Masks Pore Cleansing Strips

Hi guys!!

Another skin care review for you today! For a while I’ve been suffering from really bad blackheads around my nose and skin area. Not matter what I do, scrubbing, nose strips, exfoliating they will not disappear! So when someone I know recommended these "Herbal Conk masks" I was all for it. Admittedly I didn’t think they would work as they only cost £0.99p for 6 sachets so I was dubious.

It says:
The nose-shaped membrane is thick, and a bag (6G) can be used 2 or 3 times, very cost-effective oh!Efficient removal blackhair, so that the pores become small and not significant.This product is pure traditional Chinese medicine formula; combined with modern beauty research: Poria, Atractylodes, Pak Mong, Motherwort, Angelica, Huang, safflower and other dozens of precious Chinese medicine.No squeezing, no scar, nose-specific.Usage:
After cleaning, take appropriate this product evenly around the nose, wait 15-20 minutes to dry.
Gently peeled off from the bottom up, you can see the black, wine meters, sewage grease, dead skin being sucked out of the whole.
The nose, greasy, dirty things, were all clear!
(Recommended 1-2 times per week).

It’s basically a herb infusion that comes out like a black liquid. Much the texture of face wash. You apply it as you would a normal mask to the areas wanted, in this case nose. You then leave it until dry or when it turns to an almost rubber like texture which you then peel off. Not painful and seemingly easy.

Firstly I will say that you don’t need the whole package for one nose strip application. You probably get around 2-3 uses out of one sachet so money wise its good. But do they work??

(no make up tired face ftw)

I applied mine to a clean, exfoliated face and left until I felt it tightening. The was around 30 mins so much longer than your conventional nose strip but it took a while for the product to dry. I would say it could be me putting it on to thick but since have used these numerous times and have found 30 mins is average drying time. So not exactly a quick fix.

The smell like herbal formulas, nothing too overpowering and it soon disappears as they dry. Try not to get it on anything though as it’s a pain to get off! Even your fingers take effort!

However. Guess what? THEY DO WORK!

At least they got rid of such a lot of my blackheads and whiteheads and just left the area looking cleaner and softer. Make up applied easier and seemed to last longer as there was no greasy pores blocked or anything. I absolutely love this product and have used it the recommended 2-3 times a week.
I also used this as an all over peeling face mask on one night and found that although it left my skin looking clean and fresh it was slightly too tight around my chin/mouth area which was slightly uncomfortable  If you were going to try that I wouldn’t recommended applying close around sensitive areas such as eyes/lips e.g.
All in all I would say these are great for the price and are worth the shipping wait from China as well as the 30 min wait each time. Much cheaper than other nose strips and easy to use! I wish I would of taken a photo of a before and after but I didn’t think about it and have now been using it for a week or so, so its a lot different.
 I would also show you the picture of what the stuff looked like that came out my nose to show you they work.. But its gross…lol

You can purchase them for 99p from here

Will you be purchasing them? What are your favorite nose strips?

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  1. Howdy from USA! I got some of these, too, on ebay, inexpensively and although the description says they are strips, I was surprised to find that it's really just black glop. However, it does work! I've used it all over as a face mask, also, and as you mentioned, one packet lasts a while. So, while it's rather unorthodox, it really does work! On a humorous note, I got in touch with an exchange student at my school to ask her what the package said! :)