Monday, 29 October 2012

MUA Chocolate Box Trio Eyeshadow

MUA for me is a tricky brand. I love the idea of them being super cheap, good quality dupes for high end products, however although they are good quality I always find myself reaching for the high end alternatives, make up snob alert.

This is the MUA Chocolate Box Trio, its £2.50 of their website. I will say, first off I hate the packaging. I hate the cheapness of how it looks and how the eye shadows are nearly falling out of the pan and the lid is falling off. However minor details I suppose as for £2.50 what do you expect?

The pigmentation is good as the colours are rich and shimmery, it comes with a chocolate colour, a peach colour and a purple/brown colour. I like these colours, as they are very nice. I think if you had a darker skin tone than me than this would be perfect for a deep Smokey eye. However on my fair tone skin this is way too dark on me and looks more bruise like than sultry. HAHA!

Im keeping this in my kit in case I ever want a proper deep Smokey eye, but at the moment this is too dark for me but my daring side urges me to keep it. In hindsight I wish I would of order one of the lighter colour kits, but that’s just personal.

MUA for me is secondary to ELF as I just love their products for the budget friendly person. Do you prefer MUA or ELF?

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