Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Hair Story.

So abit of a different post today. My hair story.

My hair has literally been every colour under the sun, unfortunately I can only find photos from around 2005 onwards which is the blonde period of my life! This is the only photo I can find, and am willing to put on. Im around 7-8 but the colour of my hair can be seen. Between this and bleaching I used wash in wash out colours of deep red, something I would never do now, but when I was little it was a bit of fun, and my then healthy hair could take it.
(Oldest photo i could find of natural hair, strawberry blonde/brown)

Before that my hair was naturally strawberry blonde, with bits of light blonde, ginger and mousy brown. Looking back I quite liked my hair but at the time it was not what I wanted. I don’t regret dying it the colour, but I do regret how I treated it.  I used so much bleach as I was only about 13-14 and so couldn’t afford the hairdressers and thought I could do it all myself. Which I did, but trashed it in the process. It was dry, damaged and would literally break off in my hand. Of course not all this straight away, it took a few years before the damage became massively apparent, the main thing being the length.  It went from being long, about below boob length to breaking and snapping its way up to around just under my shoulders. Of course I had to keep getting it cut because of the colour when horror happened!

(2010 showing the worst of my dry hair. I do like the colour though, but you can see the condition) 

The hairdresser cut about 4-5 inches off in one go. I barely remember this as I was around 16 and it literally traumatised me. I don’t know what happened, if it was me not explaining right, or her just not listening but lets just say it ended with me in tears, not paying and a trip to the hair extensions shop.
Since I was around 16 then, I’ve worn extensions. When I was blonde it was easy to get them. Just the lightest bleach blonde colour matched my hair. I think I will do another post about hair extensions later as they are such a big topic.

Anyways, this is basically what my hair stayed like until last December, when I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t handle the constant frizz and damage and just wanted my hair to grow. As because of the damage it had just been snapping off and was doing my head in. So I took the plunge, bought a brown hair dye and popped it on.  However my hair had other ideas and started going red brown because of the red pigments in my hair.  It took about another month until it started to settle and turned out a reddish brown which I quite liked.

Finding extensions this colour was a pain though and involved dying them myself which was time consuming but it was the least of my worries. Although I went dark to help my hair, which is did magically. Over the 6 months I was brown my hair grew about 1.5inches and the condition returned to nearly normal. I was so happy with it!
(2011 Red Brown)

However my blonde need started to come back. I JUST CANNOT HELP MYSELF! About 6 months after being dark I decided to go back to blonde. But it wasn’t going to be easy and I didn’t want to trash it anymore. So I went to the hairdresser and got her to start lightening it again which basically returned it back to my natural colour with a few blonde highlights. I liked this colour too, but again after a few months my hair was wrecked. After around 3 visits to the hairdresser, using the least harmful things possible and a deep cut to regain new ends, it was still going back to being dry and looking damaged.  Apart from this I basically couldn’t find extensions to match this colour, which I could not live without, meaning the end of this strawberry blonde stage.

(2012 strawberry blonde)

I think, being older I decided that I didn’t want to be this anymore. I wanted healthy hair that did what I wanted. I also needed extensions in my life. So I popped on another brown dye. This time a ashy colour to help the red tones, ending in a deep ash brown with now red. A colour that I really like and that I think suits me. I love this color, and I do think I will stay with this for at least the next year or so to help my hair get back to normal. It still only just above boob length but hopefully staying this colour for a while will help it heal and grow. Of course its always going to be damaged but at least only dying it darker every few months rather than peroxiding it will be better for it. I also love how this feels and styles, so this is a winner for me!

(2012 current deep ash brown)

What do you think of my hair story? Which do you like best? Let me know yours!!! I want to see!


  1. your hair has changed and progressed so much!
    it's good how different colors suit your skin tone...great post, thanks for sharing :)

    jayj x.

  2. You look great as both a blonde and a brunette. I was platinum blonde for about five years but it ruined my hair so badly I eventually had to go back to brunette. Im now following your blog :) x