Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Mac Pallet revamped

Hi Guys:

Oh Mac….
If you read my blog your’ll know my feelings towards most of Mac’s products. I don’t think they are great- lets just put it that way. So when I bought a few eye shadows and a Mac pro pallet little did I know most of it would sit empty. Until, well.. Until I got bored.
Im a neutrals kind of girl, with a bit of sparkle to liven things up. I normally switch between a few pallets for my go to colors.

Generally these are:
My Mac pallet (with 6 colours, post here 
My Urban Decay NYC book of shadows Vol 3

My Urban Decay Sustainable shadow box

My Too Faced Natural Pallet (post here
(I also use the Naked 1 pallet, but kept that separate as its got enough to take compact on its own. )

But when you want to mix all these together you have a problem. So… I did this.

I know. I think its gorgeous, but in reality its probably a bit of a mess. It does its job however. Its perfect to take wherever, I have most of my favourite pallets with me and I can choose which ever colours I like.
All I did was take the separator out of the mac pro pan, as I was never going to buy more mac shadows, as I much prefer urban decay, then depot everything from all my other packaging. Luckily the all survived with just a few minor scraps and dents, but all in all quite good.  

In order of pallets L-R (i tried to keep all the neutrals together) :

1st 5-
Uzi, Maui Wowie, Suspect, Smog, Midnight Cowboy, 
2nd 5-
Snatch, Bordello, Last Call, Psychedelic sister, Rockstar, 
3rd 5-
Loaded, Kush, Money, Haight, Raduim, 
4th 1st-
(all from NYC)

4th row 2nd- 7th)
Midnight Cowboy, Uzi, Grifter, Flash, YDK, Half Baked
5th Row 3
Oil Slick, Flipside, Kiddie Pool
 (All from sustainable pallet)

Top 2 rows- 
Tempting, Girlie Woodwinked
Jest, All that Glitters,  Retrospeck.
(all mac)

Bottom Sidewards 2-
Heaven and Nude Beach (used all silk teddy)
6 across L-R
Velvet revolver,Sexpresso, Coca Puff, Erotica
 (all from two face natural pallet)

One on its own- twice backed (Urban Decay sustainable shadow box) 

What do you think? Would you consider doing this??

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