Sunday, 7 October 2012

Paul and Joe 10th Anniversary Lipstick

Hello Lovelies!!

 The most expensive one I’ve ever bought.. And I’ll admit it, it was the packaging that did it :(

This is the Paul and Joe Limited Edition 10 year Anniversary Lipstick Refil (Dragon Flies) in 005 Venus, with 

the Paul and Joe lipstick case in Cats.

How cute is this!

I love cats. Im so going to be a crazy cat lady and it the only reason I bought this. Not going to lie…
Ive been after something from their cat collection for a while, but after thinking about it and looking at the cat shape blushes sticks (which are shaped like cats!!) It dawned on me that the more I use that product the more the cat shape is going to disappear. So I decided to go for something which celebrated my love of cats in a way that would last longer.

I’ve never bought anything from Paul and Joe before, and so I didn’t know what to expect from their lipstick. The other products look really nice and the packaging of the whole brand is cute and glamorous.Im really pleasantly surprised! The lipstick itself is a gorgeous colour a almost baby pink in a rosy colour It has some shimmer but nothing over the top. It also slicks on really well and is a very creamy smooth consistency. I used this this morning and have reapplied after lunch, when the colour was still there. Not great but still there meaning it probably has about a 4 hour wear? But lipsticks don’t last very long on me for some reason so it could be more…

The packaging is absolutely lovely. You buy the lipstick refill separate then place in a case you purchase.  Which i dont really understand but i guess its so you can choose your own case? The refill is a great gold colour with pink dragonflies all over it, it feels expensive and luxurious which is so nice! The lipstick case has the cat design all over it which I love, although I do feel it looks/feel a tad cheap? It’s like a plastic paper material which I think could get wrecked easily which isn’t really what I expected but it’s still nice.

The refill retails at £12 and the case is £5 and can be purchased here.

I love this and I think the lipstick is deffo worth the money as it’s so cute and a great statement item to have. Also I love cats so anything with them on is a winner..

Talking of cats want to see mine? lol

Have you tried Paul and Joe? What else should I try from them?

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