Monday, 22 October 2012

Pure- Blush

Hellooo :)

I am a deffo blusher girl. I love blushers more than any other make up item as I feel they bring the most depth, warmth and glow to my face. Highlighters and bronzers are good too but I feel they take a lot more effort than simply swirling on a rosy glow when you’re in a rush. Mascara, blusher and lip balm is my go to rush make up.
When I buy  blushers I tend to buy a few different types. I normally buy 1 or 2 darker plum/berry colours for when im feeling a very rich cheek. Say if I was going out to a bar or something as I feel these make me look the most glowy and made up. I have a few of these, nothing major as I wear them infrequently.
I then buy cream blushers in a variety of colours which I pop on over foundation and top with clear powder giving a quick easy finish.

And then finally I buy loads of pink, rosy, shimmery blushes which I tend to dab my brush in blow, then swirl over my cheeks.

So when I saw this beauty a few months ago in a discount make up shop in Wales I snapped it up. I think it was around £5, I’ve had it ages (as you can tell by the packaging) but this shows it’s well loved! I do tend to only like to review products I’ve had for a bit on this as they look the neatest to photo but I like to include things I love. Like this blush from Pure.
I haven’t heard much of the brand Pure and I cant find much online about them, so I can’t be too sure if this Is a high end discounted product or perhaps one from abroad? Judging by the packaging and the product itself i dont think its a cheap brand as its a silky formula with a high pigmentation. I've also had this ages and the tiniest bit goes a long way so im no where near hitting pan. 

The blush itself is like a rose petal colour, not as dark as the photo sorry, and comes out on the skin like  a natural glow but better. Shimmer is there but I find if I place this high on the cheekbones it’s almost like a 2-in-1 highlight and blush. Like I said I’ve had this for ages and it’s always in my travel make up bag (I tend to house hop 2-3 times a week) so it’s my blush a few days a week on most occasions. 

This is because it’s a wearable quick colour that suits everything I wear from dark eyes to light. It applies silky and lasts as long as im at uni, so around 4-5 hours before starting to look slightly sparse, but this could be down to my oily skin.

  Either way I love it and the packaging is super stylish and looks chic. I also like the fact it comes with a mirror! As this is so useful and saves me from using reflections on the bus! haha!
Even if the rest of the packaging is filthy due from being in my bag!

Have you heard of Pure?

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