Thursday, 25 October 2012

Revlon Skyline Pink

Hi Lovelies :)

A dedicated Post today! For my Beauty Box Swap sister on Facebook who are my unlimited source of goodies and advice. I love these ladies as they are always up for giving advice, not just on beauty but on life. As well as swapping your unloved items for once that you want that others don’t. Love this system!


Ive been after Revlon Skyline Pink for a while now, but I didn’t really fancy paying the £6-7 in the shops for a colour that I thought might look way too nude/frosted on me in person. I hate buying things I don’t ever use! So when someone of BBS was selling this along with a few other pieces a few months ago I snapped it up for a fraction of the price.

Revlon Skyline pink is a pale pink frosted colour which comes out almost like a nude/pink. It is very pale and so I find it shows up any cracks/dry lips so I can only really use this when my lips are in a good stage.  It needs building up as it is very frosted and pale and so can look overly thick and put on, however once you get it right it does last a good while, especially with a gloss on the top.

The texture is creamy but somewhat gritty if you know what I mean? Almost like you can feel the frost, not unpleasant but you can feel it. I like this but It isn’t really the right shade for me, as I it tends to make me look a bit dead, so a tad too frosted/nude  for me, a nice colour itself though!

Have you tried this? How  do you get away with nude lipsticks?

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  1. I really would love to try a nude lipstick, I just don't think it would suit me, it's so hard to pull off . Such a good bargain though! xx