Friday, 5 October 2012

Studded Denim Jacket

Hi lovelies!

Primark Studded Jacket Trend Alert!

I've never been one for denim jackets. I think because Im curvy and have a long torso they tend cut off in a unflattering place and make me look bigger. However I am in love with studs as you know. So when I saw this amazing jacket in Primark I bought it on a whim not thinking it would work and that I would sadly have to return it. However when I put it on. I LOVE IT!

The whole jacket has rose gold accents, such as the studs and specks on the shoulders. The studs are quite sharp though so that was a bit of a surprise.  As well as the cute collar tips which increase the sparkle and details buts in a clean way. The whole jacket seems to be rather good quality for Primark recently as it has defiantly gone down in quality and price. The buttons are pearl poppers which is better than the cheap buttons that Primark normally uses on its clothing.

I really like this jacket and for only £13 you cant really go wrong, especially with the fact I bought this in a larger size to make it longer and look more of an over sized fit to wear loose with a shirt, such as how im doing in the picture. I like this look, it’s a bit different and edgier to what I usually wear.

(Do like my new phone case?? Blog post coming soon on how to make one!>.Excuse the slippers!)

What do you think? How do you wear denim jackets?


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  1. what a gorgeous denim jacket! I love that the studs and details are in gold instead of silver color. Btw, your phone case is the cutest thing ever!