Monday, 29 October 2012

Too Faced In Your Dreams

TXmaxx has done it again!

I love TXmaxx. I deffo one of those people that can spend hours looking through the clothes and make up section (yes my TXmaxx has a make-up section!) Im lucky as I have a good store which is often full of brands such as Urban Decay, O.P.I, Monu and off course Too Faced.

For those of you who have followed me for  a while, or know me, you’ll know that I love too faced make up, more specifically their eye shadow pallets. As much as I love Urban Decay for pigmentation and longevity I love too faced for its sparkle and cute colours. Too faced as a brand just screams what I wear and what I love. Most of the too faced things I own have come for TXmaxx for a fraction of the price.

This Too faced “In Your Dreams” pallet came in at, wait for it, £9.99 instead of the RRP £35.  That’s cheaper than drugstore! I was so happy, and it had no finger prints in it! If you know TXmaxx you’ll know what im on about…Ive seen this pallete in boots a while ago and looked at it then, but I couldn’t justify that much on make up I didn’t need.

Firstly ill talk about the packaging.

I love this. Its sparkly and cute, okay slightly immature and not exactly the most slick and stylish but its certainly pretty. Although its made of of cardboard it feel snug and safe and if I was to take this for travel I feel like it would be okay, and wouldn’t shatter. That’s another thing I love about this pallet, it has 9 eye shadows, 3 blushes (1 bronzer really) and 3 really nice lip colours. Perfect for shoving in a bag for a long weekend. Im all about easy for traveling and this would cover most of my basics.

It comes set out in 3 looks:

The most easy of the looks. The eye shadows are gorgeous champagne browns and gold’s. ‘Silk Stocking, La Cage and Rapture’, these are the type of colours I wear on an everyday bases so great for just glancing in a rush and having a lid, shimmer and crease colour set out for you. Perfect for a quick eye look and the rest of your face. I love the natural eye colours and how simple they are to wear. All of the eye shadows in this kit are super pigmented and soft. Almost like a buttery texture. Amazing to wear and last for ages.  The blush to go with this is called ‘Wanna Play?’ and for me is a dupe for Nars Orgasm, super shimmery and pigmented and gorgeous on my skin tone. The blushes with this set are amazing too and feel very expensive and soft.

I have to be honest the lipglosses with the set was what I was least looking forward too. Everyone hates those cheap glosses you get that look like this as they are sticky and plastic tasting with not much pay off.

Well these lipglosses are sticky but smell and taste amazing! I think that the colours are sheer but give the great compliment to the rest of the look provided and are a great alternative to carrying around 10 lipsticks as well as this kit. Not the best, but by no means the worst.

Feminine is a super pretty pink based look, which again features the quality and pigmentation as the others.  I will say that this is about as dark as I get eyeshadow wise as im very pale dark colour look way too harsh. However this look comes with 3 eyeshadows called ‘Pink Peacock, Swing and Fishnet’ all of which complement each other to create almost like a pink based smokey eye. I love the colour Pink Peacock and have been wearing as a highlight on other looks I’ve done. Again though all very wearable and pretty. ‘Girly Show’ is the blush and is a baby pink frosting which look great just on the cheekbones as a almost highlight. Fairly pale but works well on my fair skin, it is pigmented though so would work well on darker skins too probably. The lipgloss is ‘Pink Ice’ and is a nude pink easy colour to pop on.

This look is the most out of my comfort zone. But as they say every girl needs a smokey eye. Full moon is the most gorgeous sliver blue colour which works well with others from the group. Ill be honest, im yet to wear Dream on and Seduce as they are a bit dark for me. Im thinking of using them as a liner on nights out. But very pigmented and soft nevertheless.  The Lipgloss is ‘Heart on’ and is a more red based nude, which again would be a easy thing to pop on on the move.
It’s the Blush that I love out of the Seductive Group. Its called ‘You hold the Key’ and is an almost brown/orange/pink. If that makes any sense. When I first bought this I thought I will never wear that colour as its way too orange. Well when use lightly its more of a shadow colour on me and so works great for contrasting and contouring features as well as very light use as a bronzer.

Overall I love this set and would happily of paid the full RRP. I might be biased as I love too faced and find their stuff lasts for ages as well as being highly pigmented and lasting ages on my skin. The fact that the Door opens and reveals how to wear each look is useful, and may be more useful for those just getting into make up or if you didn’t know how each look would work. So I might use those cards more with the darker sets such as Seductive. I also am not overall thrilled with the lip colours but I do think they add for a nice completed look if this was all you were taking away with you apart from foundation e.g.

I really do like this set and am so glad I found it!

What do you think? Do you like too faced? 

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