Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Yankee Candle Lip Blam


Out of all of my beauty products I think lip balm is the most important and useful, I always have about 2 or 3 in my bag at all times as I just cannot stand the feeling of dry lips. Plus I don’t always wear lipstick or gloss as I don’t want the fuss of having to reapply and watch it, so on those days I like a lipbalm just to add some shine or glean to my lips looking natural and fresh.

Yankee Candle is a blogging favourite, but the lipbalms are fairly new. Im pretty sure that in England at least you can’t get them and I got mine on Ebay for around £4. If im honest I wasn’t expecting much, I knew they would be scented and lovely but in actual lip balm terms I wasn’t too sure they would be that great as the main focus is the scent. Well the scent is gorgeous, I actually have Christmas Cookie burning right now and it’s literally exactly the same, it also tastes like vanilla which is nice. The lip balm itself is rich and moisturizing, it’s not the best lip balm ever and it doesn’t last very long but it’s certainly not the worst and I was actually quite impressed.

Do you love Yankee Candle? Have you tired the lipbalms?

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