Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bargain Skin Care 3: Superdrug Simply Pure Refreshing Toner

Another section of my bargain skincare regime! So Toner is something fairly new I’ve put into my skincare regime. I’ve never really understood it as I thought it was always just to close the pores, in which case I though why don’t I just use water?? However after doing abit more research I found out they are actually to restore the PH balance of your skin after cleansing, allowing the skin to not regenerate and heal faster as it isn’t spending time trying to make itself right again.

This one was only around £2-£3 in Superdrug (where I went on my little haul) I just picked up the one for sensitive skin as I didn’t really know what to expect. I use this with little cotton pads after ive washed my face, just wipe them around and wait to dry before applying anything else.

I will say this smells really nice. Nice and clean and fresh and slightly sweet which I like, as the ones I’ve tried before have had a slight alcohol smell and because of this stung, which really put me off. This one doesn’t sting, instead feels slightly cooling and tightening on my skin which isn’t uncomfortable and leaves my skin feeling clean. I think it basically does everything a toner is meant to, but for cheap. It says it has added vitamins in it, but with every cheaper product im dubious as to what it actually has. I’ve been using this for around a month now and still have loads left and my skin has cleared up slightly, but this could be because of other things ive been doing and paying more attention to it.

I like the fact it is free from paraben's as its less stuff going onto my skin, but its really not fragrance free which could irritated some skin types, although mine does get fairly irritated and this really calmed things down. 

 I have upgraded slightly since buying this (review coming soon), not because I dislike this product, but just because I don’t feel it has done anything special. It just helped me clean my face, which is nice but it would be nice if it did something else. I think this is a great product to buy if you just want to get into skincare or want a cheap fix as it cleans you face and leaves you refreshed. Its not exactly a luxury feel good item, but for £2 I would buy it again if need be.

What do you think? Whats your fave toner?

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