Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Leave in Conditioning and care spray

Firstly I love Dove products. I think they smell clean and fresh but still like a spa treatment which is luxurious and rich. Ill be honest though, I only bought this product as it was half price in boots which worked out around £1.70 which is good value for a conditioning leave in treatment.

This is the Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Leave in Conditioning and care spray. What a mouth full. As you can see I’ve used a bit of it as I wanted to give it a proper go before reviewing. It comes in a spray bottle which has two separate sections a white and a clear one, which needs to be shook before using. They mix easily though so this isn’t a big deal. You then can spray this on wet or dry hair to calm it down, sooth frizz and of course condition.

Ive been using this for around 2 weeks now and have only used about ¼ of it, despite using quite a lot every time I wash my hair, I also sometimes spray some on my brush if it’s a bit frizzy. It leave my hair soft and silky and really seems to help treat my ends which are damaged. For 1.70 I will deffo be picking up another, they have a few in the range though, some are made for more damaged hair but they didn’t have those when I picked this one up, so may see what they are like.

Do you like Dove Haircare? What do you think of their products?

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