Friday, 2 November 2012

Enrapture Encode Totem System

(natural hair and extensions)

(using the totem system on 1-1-1)

Hi loves :)

So im probably a bit late on the bandwagon for this one but nevertheless Im going to do a quick review of it. If you follow my blog you’ll know im the type of girl that loves curly hair. I don’t tend to wear straight hair that often as it feels flat and limp against my face. Plus I like big hair otherwise my make up tends to look awkward as I do the big eyelashes and dark eyes.

This is the Enrapture Encode Totem System. Which unless you have been living under a rock you would of heard of. I was reluctant to get this as I have so many tongs but as an early Christmas present  and half price I couldn’t resist! It’s basically a curling wand but with a difference. As you can see on the wand it has 3 different sections that you can put to each of their own heat. It comes with 3 heat settings for each section, so 1-1-1 would be the lowest heat and 3-3-3 would be the highest. But the great thing about this section is that each setting allows you to create your own curls. 1 being the loosest curl and 3 being ringlets. This means that by playing around with the heat settings you can basically do every type of curl you will ever want! All my curling tongs in one!

How gorgeous is the packaging! Its so sleek and stylish and looks very expensive. The wand itself has some weight but not loads, I actually think the weight of the wand makes it easier to use than others as you can actually feel what you are using. It also has a flipper (the tongy bit) which you don’t always have to use, however I find this useful as I tend to get slightly fumbled by tongs, this helps me keep bit in place whilst curling.  It also has a swivel cord which means you can basically free style which is useful.

It speeds up super quickly and is very easy to use. The pictures above are the first time I’ve used it and although its messy I feel like it’s still wearable and I kind of prefer the bed head messy curl look so this works for me. Although if you wanted it neat if you spent more time you could easily get ringlets with this tool. What I like about this tool is I feel like the curls will stay, meaning I will only have to use this every time I’ve washed my hair and get 2-3 days wear rather than every morning, each day will just be looser. Making mornings easier and more time in bed!

Despite the gaps in between the sections I don’t find that my hair snags which I was worried about. However I did find that after using this with heat protection it left dirty, almost soot marks, which I assume was the product burning. As I have dark hair this doesn’t bother me but I do wonder if you had lighter hair could this mark your hair? Also on my extensions I feel like the 1-1-1 section heat is enough as it could dry it out and really gave the effect I was after, if I was to up it to 3 I think it would dry out my hair. I would deffo recommend using heat protection with this as it does seem a tad drying.

All in all I really like this. Its super easy to use and great for creating both messy and neat curls. Its currently half price in a number of shops so around £30-£35 instead of the RRP of £75. Really worth the money as this will be the only curling wand I use now I think as I can do everything in one!

Have you tried this? Do you think its worth the hype?

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