Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hair Extensions Series. Part 1- Basics

Welcome to the first of my hair extensions 101. I want to be able to share with you by little know hows and experiences on hair extensions. Before I start on the good stuff I just want to clear up any basics for newbies or those who may not be too sure on the who hair extension things.

So for anyone that knows me or reads my blog often you will know how much I love my extensions. I wear them basically everyday (unless it’s a hair up day or work) and have done since I was around 16. That’s about 4 years’ worth of hair extensions knowledge. Just a little disclaimer first though, I don’t pretend to know all the in’s and out and everything I’ve said is from experience, research and talking to hair dresser and extensions makers. I’ve tried numerous extensions, both clip in and invasive (sewn, weft e.g.) and feel as though I now have a wide range of opinions I can share. If anything I say is wrong, then I apologise but this is just what I believe.

This is going to be a series on the pros and cons of the extensions ive used and what I think is best. Any questions, just message me! Right so firstly I’ll start with clip in’s as they are the easiest, cheapest and in my experience better way to get extensions. I will cover the basics of extensions: Real V Fake, Choosing the Right Length, Choosing the Right Thickness, Is the Price Right and Aftercare.

The first part in this series. Basics
 With any extensions you want to look at what are called wefts:
These are the pieces that you put in your hair to clip the extensions in.

Currently I have found that the best extensions I have had have had between 8 and 10 wefts as this allows me to blend them in my head without being seen as also is the right amount of hair for me. If you have less hair you will probably need fewer wefts to make the look and more hair needs more wefts.
On each weft are a number of clips which allow you to keep them in place. Of course depending on the size of the weft different number of clips is needed, as a rule the fewer clips a weft has the smaller it is. So, let’s look at my extensions as an example.

I have 2 8inch wide pieces (4 clips each)
2 6inch wide piece (3 clips each)
2 4 inch wide pieces (2 clips each)
4 2 inches pieces (1 clip each)

The above pictures show 1 set of extensions and the wefts within it. The one of the clip and single weft show the thickness

This works out as actually quite a lot of clips in your head (which can take getting used to) you want to make sure the clips either you sew on or are provide are good quality and strong as this can affect how well they stay in. Not something you want to think about whilst dancing the night away. You can see on the close up of the clip above it is securely attached and is a is a substantial clip rather than a cheaper flimsy one. 

As I said this set suits me perfectly, however if you have a smaller head or less hair you may find it difficult to fit all the clips in and cover them. This is just trial and error and realizing what works for you. The key is to remember you don’t have to wear them all, just mix and match the wefts to what works best for you. Sometimes if im plaiting my hair or tying it up but still want length I may just put in the 2 bigger pieces for just abit of oomph.

Wefts are very simple to clip in. All you do is section is as though you were straightening it well and clip it in. I tend to:

 Section just above nape of neck- put in 4 clip.

Section just below ears- put in one 3 clip from left ear to middle of head.

Section slightly higher- put in one 3 clip from right ear to middle of head.

Section on ear/eye level- put in 1 4 clip

Section just above ear on either side- put in both 2 clips.

I then tend to just use the 1 clips wherever I feel extra blending is needed, mostly around my fringe area as this is long and needs to match my hair texture.

I hope that makes sense but it really is easy when you have a bit of practice! If your finding it slightly hard to get them to stay in (sometimes I have this if I’ve just washed my hair) gently backcomb or hairspray at the root to give the clip something to grab onto. This should help!

Some extensions come with different amount of wefts and may even offer a double weft which is 2 or more wefts sewn together in order for you to have less clips in your hair. For me, either when I’ve bought these are done them myself they have always been to heavy and hard to cover. I also like being able to section my hair differently and clip them in in order to blend them with my layers. Although if you have thicker hair or one length hair this may work out easier for you as blending won’t be such as issue  as for someone with layers like me!

Right so I hope that makes sense and that me explaining the basics of wefts and how to put them in. Next time I’ll talk about the real V fake hair.

What are your views on extensions?

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