Friday, 9 November 2012

Lush Love Lettuce

So I recently finished my Lush Brazened Honey face mask which I can honestly say I loved. It soaked up the oils in my skin, left it soft and clean but more importantly I feel as though it really helped clear my skin up.
Although I loved it, im the type of girl that will keep trying things, so I popped back into Lush and had another look at their face mask selection. I came out with this. Love Lettuce. Once again this needs to be kept in the fridge as it is a fresh mask full of Seaweed, Honey, Natural Oils and Fullers Earth Deep.

They say ‘First we make a seaweed gel using agar, then we add honey and almond oil to soften and moisturise the skin. Kaolin and fullers earth deep clean, absorb grease and debris and tighten the skin. Finally there are ground almonds and ground almond shells, so that when you come to wash this off with water, you can work it over your face for a few minutes to exfoliate away dead skin.  Simply fragranced with 100 percent pure French lavender, to balance the skin’s sebum production. Ground almond shells are a good natural exfoliant. They are rough enough to give a good scrub, but soft enough not to damage the skin. Every skin is different, and you decide how much pressure to use and how long to scrub for’
So this product is full of natural ingredients, although evidently this is a clay based mask as Fullers Earth is, in simple terms, a sort of clay mixture. I think you can see this in the texture which is different to BH as its a lot thicker and stiffer. Clay masks always work for me as I have stupidly oily skin and clay is known to help control oil levels. The Seaweed makes it a deep green colour and adds to the scent of the product.
Firstly the smell of this is amazing. Now I normally hate the smell of lavender and it gives me huge headaches, but this stuff doesn’t. Probably because, as with most of the Lush products I’ve found the scents are never quite how they describe them. I would say that Love Lettuce is a sweet clean smell with just a hint of floral (lavender) fragrance. I think this smells so nice and clean that I really like putting it on, not quite as sickly as Branzed Honey although because of the honey in it still has that sweet scent, so a bit more refreshing and cleansing more me. It really relaxes me too which is nice.
I pop this on in a reasonably thick layer about 3 times a week as it promises to brighten and clean your skin, something that in winter I find especially important as it gets dull. Leave this for 10-15 mins and then wash off, normally in the shower. Once again something I was excited to see in this face mask is the crushed almonds which work as an exfoliator for the skin when you’re washing it off, which I like as after some face masks I feel as though I need to use a cleanser t get off any residue. Instead just leaving my skin soft and clean, as i would expect from Lush. Love Lettuce doesn’t leave any residue though, just squeaky clean skin.
I think if you have dry skin this may dry you out slightly as I find it really help matte my face and suck up any excess oil. But for us oily girls this is perfect and has continues to help clear my face like other great Lush products.
Have you tried Love Lettuce? Whats your favourite face mask from Lush?

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