Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Maybelline Colour Sensational- Rose Pearl

Once again with the Lipsticks! I know, however in my defence I haven’t just bought this, I got it reduced in boots for £1. So how could I resist?

Maybelline is one of my favourite drug store make up brands as everything feels high quality and well worth the money. This lipstick is no different.  Rose Pearl is an iridescent pink colour, with specks of shimmer that comes off almost a peachy/pink. It’s quite sheer so isn’t the boldest of lips, but great for popping on the lips on the go, as you don’t really need a mirror with it. It doesn’t give the greatest colour pay off which for some I can see being annoying, but as I like fairly nude plain lips with dark eyes this is what im after in most everyday lipsticks. The packaging isnt the nicest as it does feel abit cheap and plastic but i did only pay a pound so I cant really moan. This is lipstick I shove in my handbag for everyday!

What's your go to lipstick?

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