Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bargain Skincare 2: Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance EyeCream

Helllo loves,

Once again im new to skin care and this is another part of my back to basic bargain skincare posts. But and eyecream was something i wanted to include as im starting to get a bit paranoid about wrinkles!
This is the Vitamin E Superdrug Radiance Eye cream. It’s around £2.50 for this tube which is a bargain for an eye cream as they all seem to be so expensive. Its super rich and creamy and leaves my under eyes looking fresh and helps to avoid my make up creasing into my skin or going that weird consistency under the eyes. I hope you know what I mean!

This has really helped my undereye areas seem fresher and more moisturized and it has SPF 25 which is great. I usually use this after toning morning and night to ensure they are protected. I’ve only ever used 2 other eyecream the Clinique all about eyes and an Avon one, honestly to me, they all seem to do the same thing? I do, however, like the added vitamins in this as i feel they are doing some good to my skin and eye area. I apply a tiny bit of this using my ring finger on the dark circle area and eyelid to help brighten and nourish. I also think the 'Radiance' bit is true as my eyes really do look brighter and more awake after this, but that could just be the cooling or moisturizing effect. 

 For me the thing with skincare is its personal and everyone has different tastes and preference. Once again I will probably step up this product to a more expensive once if I get the money to spare but for now its perfect. Soft, creamy and nourishing, everything and eye cream should be. As I am getting slightly more into skincare I feel this will be something I upgrade as Eye Care is important to me, but for now its perfect!

Have you tired this? Whats your favourite eyecream?

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