Sunday, 3 March 2013

UNE Glimmer Eye Shadow

I always love it when I go into boots and find a bargain. The UNE range in boots is something ive been keen to try for a while but it’s a very expensive range. Focusing on using natural and organic materials to make their products it sound great, but way above my price range. However when I wandered in the other day I found that the whole range was 75% off. I jumped to the stand and noticed that although it had already been picked through there was still loads left and neatly (unlike the Ruby and Millie disaster)

I choose to be restraint, as im meant to be on a semi spending ban and just pick out a few things. two of which were these eyeshadows. These are the glimmer eyes shadow which promises to be a cream to powder texture and offer a nice range of shimmering champagnes and rich tones. Sounds perfect, oh and its 100% natural.

I choose colours G01 and G03- I would of liked about 5 more but they had none..

On the shelf these colours are so pigmented and creamy and leave a nice sheen of sparkle to the lids. However in my packet these are slightly drier and seem to be coming to the end of their life- perhaps why they are 75% off. However after giving it a quick whirl round and seemingly heating up the product it becomes nice and creamy and soft, blending nicely into the lid leaving a high pigment. Meaning you can use less or more to create the desired effect.  These are super creamy and very nice champagne shades.
G03 is the ultimate rose gold shade which works nicely on my skintone and dries to a dusky pink and gold speck, whereas G01 is a sliver gold which is a nice highlight colour and is great for my pale skin tone.  Im not a fan of the naff brush that comes with it though, its useless but it is cheap.

These retail as around £9 however I bought them for £2.50ish each which for me is realy just under what they are worth, they are priced high end but really should retail for around £5, if you’re a huge fan of the natural products then these are for you. For £2.50 though im going to see if I can get more!

Have you tried UNE? What do you think about their pricing?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Estee Lauder DoubleWear

Double Wear is one of those products that is everywhere. The blogosphere seems to go crazy with it and I never really bought the hype, until my make up started falling off my face.

I have very oily skin and no amount of primer can stop this, I seem to spend a small fortune buying foundations that I feel are going to help and none of them actually do. So I took the plunge.

Im not going to do a huge review as this has been blogged about so much its stupid. I will say though that this foundation has changed my make up routine. I was colour matched originally to Ecru which is the second palest which worked fine. However about 3 hours into my day I started to oxidise and look very orange and strange! So I went back and they changed it no problems for me to Ivory Nude, which I believe is the palest one. Typical…

Its high to medium coverage although I do have to say this isn’t the highest coverage foundation I’ve ever had, I mean, you can feel it on your face and its slightly heavy but it doesnt go cakey easily and you only have to use a small amount to make it look amazing. It sits nicely, however personally I find I still have to powder my face but this is fine as its more natural looking that the matte finish one I tried from them.  Also a tip, make sure you have nice plum moisturized skin with this as you need to work fast and if you apply to dry skin it will stick and not blend! However with skin as oily as mine this is fine! HAHA

Double wear isn’t the cheapest, coming in at £27.50 but it really does stay put all day, its about 5.30pm now as I write this and my makeup looks the same as when I applied at 9am. Something that is unheard of for me! I wish I didn’t like this foundation as much as I do due to the price tag but im so glad I bought it as it looks flawless and works so well with my skin! If you have oily skin its really worth looking into this, its changed my face. Literally. 

I will repurchase… dammit..

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My week

Oh guys, Im such a blogger fail.
This week has consisted off-Dissertation, Work, Filming and illness. In that order. 

I'm feeling better now though so will be back to regular posting tomorrow.
Here's a picture of my life right now. Im going to sleep now... :/ Illness sucks.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Once again, this is me trying to find a cheaper alternative to something I wish I could afford. Now my favourite product of all time has to be MAC’s skinfinsh which I use to set all my make up with maximum staying power and coverage. It works well, keeps my skin looking flawless and doesn’t break me out. Amazing.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Collection Cover Stick

Concealer is the bane of my life. Being the paleness that I am I have serious issues getting concealer that is either light enough without oxidising, or the right formula to work on my super oily skin.
I do use Mac Studio Fix normally and although it lasts ages I can’t help but think it’s a bit expensive for me. So I went to my back up, Collection 2000 Cover Stick.

For me, this is almost like a stick version of MAC. Whilst it’s not quite as creamy and takes a while to warm up in between clean fingers to gain maximum coverage and sticking power, it works just as well.  It’s also great for applying sheerer that MAC which allows for it to be used all over the face in different amounts. I like to pop a hair dryer over this for a few minutes to heat it up before applying for maximum blending. It’s a heavy duty concealer product and so has the same issues as MAC as being heavy and slightly hard to blend, but it’s a lot cheaper. However it only comes in 3 colours, which is an issue, suitable for fair to medium skin tones. There are no darker skin tones and shade 2 is very pink based. However shade 1 for me is slightly yellow neutral toned and works well on my colouring, deffo worth checking out!

This retails at around £2 which I think is great and this is a product that I always have either for back up, or on days when I just don’t want to use something more expensive, the perfect pay day waiting list.

Have you tired this? What do you think?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MUA primer

MUA is a brand that everyone has heard of and yet im very reluctant to buy much from them. To me, although a huge fan of bargains cheap make up just isn’t worth it for me. It never lasts, im disappointed and wishes I would of saved the few pounds I paid for something higher end that works.

However, after running out of Primer recently I began to notice how expensive primer is! I don’t think I’ve bought a primer in a while as I’ve been going through samples and beauty box versions so when I ran out I was shocked to see how expensive they are. So when I saw MUA Primer which retails at £4 I thought I would try it, not really expecting much.

It’s a creamy formula that spreads well over the face, you only need a small amount to cover your entire area, and I apply on my T-zone and jaw to help even blending and staying power. I think that if you over used this or put too much on it could become greasy as it does feel oily and could easily make your skin oilier, kinda of against to point of primers.

However, I’ve been using this for around a week now and I can honestly say I have noticed a difference. I have swapped foundations which could be part of it, but I do feel that my face looks more glowing that oily and doesn’t move around my nose area which I was having problems with. It seems to make my makeup stay put longer (around 8 hours with a powder touch up)  and gives a nice soft feeling to the skin on application.

For £4 I suggest you go pick this up and see what all the fuss is about as its well worth the while to see if something cheap works for you. Have you tired MUA? Have you tried their primer?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Empties 1

So, Im jumping in on an old horse here and starting my very first monthly empties!
I can grantee this will be every month but obviously when I have a hoard of stuff that I’ve finished im do a little post about it. However empty things lying around really bothers me so we will have to see how this goes! Haha

Herbal Essences Tousle me softly shampoo and conditioner.
My favourite brand of hair care right here. I love the smell of herbal essences and the fact it lingers on my hair for the whole day. It’s also the only conditioner that I’ve tried that I feel really gets into my hair and treats it nicely. This one is meant to be for hair that has a natural wave, which is mine all over. I did find that this increased the curliness of my hair but didn’t make them more defined meaning I still had to use product/heat on it to tame it. I would buy it again though as it made my hair feel lovely, currently bought the orange Herbal essences for this month!

Neal and Wold Harmony Intensive Care Treatment
I had this back when Glossybox was good (oh these were the days) It smells amazing, just like a salon treatment and leaves my hair super soft and nourished. I tended to use this more in the last few months when I really paid attention to my hair. I would love to buy this again but I just cant justify the price tag!

Simple Baby Wipes
An obvious really, used for getting make up off, cleaning bits of make up cases e.g Super useful and cheap, the only brand so far that doesn’t make my face sting!

Elf Mineral Foundation
I bought this a few months back in a sale at ELF. I tend to use mineral foundation as a powder to give extra coverage and this did just that. A small container though and it wasn’t the best at blending. I wont repurchase.

Lush Tea Tree
Ive done a review of this here. I loved this product as a toner/refresher and this bottle lasted ages. I will be repurchasing as it seems to calm my skin and is fairly cheap for a nice natural product. 

George (asda) Face Primer
I bought this ages and ages ago and found it at the back of a draw, I bought it when it was cheap around £3 and figured I would give it ago. If I remember it was fine at the beginning however it contains a lot of oil and so towards the end of the package it feels like your just applying oil to your face. Bit gutting but what can you expect for a few quid? Made my face oiler than without a primer. Wont repurchase.

Ive been trying to use up these few foundations so  I could justify getting double wear! HAHA! Ive done a few separate reviews of these if you want to know individual thoughts. CK foundation

Superdrug Mud mask
These are the 99p face masks from Superdrug. I love these for a quick treat a twice a week when I cant get to lush or cant afford lush. I get about 2 face packs out of each so good value. Nice for my skin and leave it soft and clear. I also repurchase these.

So this is my first lot of empties. What do you think? Do we use similar products?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boots Botanics Skincare

Upon gaining around £10 worth of boots points recently due to an error on their part I decided to treat myself to some things I wouldn’t normally buy. As well as this I was going back to uni after Christmas and needed to stock up on facial wash and a cleansing routine whilst I was able to, and with free points why not!
One thing I find with boots is I go in and want to buy everything! Everything looks so nice and smells so good I wander around for a good hour before buying anything, however something that never changes is the quality of boots own  brand of things.

What im talking about is the Boots Botanic Skincare range. The Botanic range is a collaboration by the brilliant science people at Boots and the Royal Botanical Gardens to create a skincare range which is not only effect scientifically but great for your skin due to the natural ingredients and extracts from plants. Sound good eh?

I went ahead and bought both the scrub and the foaming facial wash allowing me to use the range every time I wash. Using the foaming wash daily and the scrub a few times a week or whenever I think my skin needs a boost.  I also choose to go with the All Bright range with the power of Hibiscus due to at the time my skin not really being broken out more dull and uneven, something that this range claims to help.
‘Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster’ according to the guys who worked on this with both formulas containing Natural AHAs  and Formulated without parabens. The whole range also uses recycled packaging where possible and isn’t tested on bunnys! YAY!

The  foam wash smells nice and is a very basic facial cleanser consistency- however you only need a tiny amount to foam up well and really leave you skin feels clean but not tight.  The facial scrub or exfoliator was also going to be the deal breaker for me as I tend to like quite tough scrubs to really get out the dirt, although im slowly learning that being gentler on my skin works better. BOO! The consistency is that of a scrub that has been watered down, with large beads and a very thin watery liquid. However upon applying to the face feeling nice and refreshing and cleansing without being too harsh and abrasives, a nice scrub for frequent use.
Whilst it all sounds very good, does it work?

After using the scrub and foaming wash for around the month period I did think my skin felt smoother- especially as I was using it with my trusty Body Shop mini facial brush.  I can’t be sure this was down to the products themselves however they did feel nice to use, remove make up and leave my skin feeling clean and smooth. This is the whole point of them after all, the brightening just being an added bonus.
At under £5 each you cant go wrong with this brand and for me it has done the job, the brightening effect still leaves me a bit dubious however they are nice products and I will be having a look around the Botantics Range for some more goodies!

Have you tired Botanics? What do you think?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snow day OOTD and FOTD


I cannot express my love for snow days, and whilst I don’t usually dress up specially for them, rather just to keep warm, I just had to show you guys my new jumper! I think it looks great with high waisted jeans for a simple look on a cold day, of course with some boots and gloves!

Ignore the fact im a huge geek anyway and this jumper just made my day. Ghostbusters for the win, and a bargain at under £3 on eBay! Its Newlook mans if you’re wondering and can be found here, (not for £3 though! EBAY BARGAIN!- for reference I have a L mans. 

Also you can see my new extensions here which I will be reviewing soon- however so far so good! I think they look lovely and natural and blend really well. What do you think?

Super short post just though id share some snow with you all before it disappears! 

Make up-
MUA primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Bourjois Detox Concealer
Collection Cover Stick.
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Nars Casino
Nars Orgasm + Super Orgasm
HD Brows in Bombshell
ELF Brow Tamer
Topshop Gel Liner

Maybelline 24 Super Stay foundation

Once again my love of Maybelline coming through, actually found in the same draw half used as my other reviews!

Superstay 24 hour foundation was my life saver during the first year of uni- I was working long hours and work then going to uni and then going out filming and spending long nights in the edit and a hot studio,  meaning it was often 14-15 hours’ worth of wear that I needed from my makeup. Whilst im still working long hours I have gotten used to the schedule more (and sleep more) that I can get away with around 10 hours’ worth of wear before washing my face and just not wearing any make up during the night work.

What I will say is that when I needed long staying power this foundation was amazing. It seemed to blend amazingly and give a high coverage, perfect for what I needed. I would say that it has the same problem for me as Double Wear in that it sometimes dries to quickly if you don’t work fast and apply lots of moisturizer so you can end up streaky. The formula itself is non greasy but somewhat drying and heavy, obviously how it claims to last for such a long time.

One thing to watch out for however is the oxidisation of the product giving you a lovely orange hue- something I had a problem with whilst wearing it. After around 3 hours wear it seemed to change colour on me from pale to glowing, however this could be combated by buying a lighter shade meaning the oxidisation wouldn’t matter.  It claims to be non-transferable and I would agree with that- it really doesn’t come off that easily through sweat, rubbing or rain and lasts a nice amount of time looking fresh. 24 hours is a bit extreme and I think it reaches its peak after about 8-9 hours, still a nice amount of time for the non crazy normal working person.

The bad points about this foundation to me all seem to come hand in hand with the fact its meant to last such a long time. If your after something that will see you through looking reasonable and put together this is a great foundation to start with at a nice drugstore price range. I would definitely buy this again once the long hours of final year kick in!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lush Lip

If you regularly read my blog then it will come as no secret to you how much I love Lush. The products, the ethics and the way my skin reacts to them. All great! So it should come as no surprise to see my little pot of goodies where I stash my smaller Lush lip products. I’ve been collecting these for a while so that explains why I have so many, and I personally find they last for ages, espically for being around the £5 mark.

I basically buy a Lush Lip balm every time I have dry lips and have no lip balm on me. Plus I love the tints and colours of them as they are so pigmented and feel amazing on my lips, however with the darker colours you can just put on a sheerer layer.  Plus the sugar scrubs (which are all over the blogsphere) are worth the hype in my opinion and are hard not to eat!

The solid perfume is also amazing and smells just like Snow fairy, as you can tell uber fan of that!
I would say though that im currently out of my fave honey one which is so nourishing and smells delicious! Have you tried Lush lip products? What’s your favourite?

Top Left to Right
Sugar Scrub- Pow Wow, Bubblegum
Snow Fairy (solid perfume) Celebration, Double Choc, Whip Stick,Chilli Tingle, Celebrate, Snow Fairy. 

Maybelline Dream Statin Liquid

Maybelline is honestly my favourite high street brand- wait, what am I talking about. It’s my favourite brand of make in general. Mostly for me, Maybelline is what the high street is all about- quality products for budget prices.
Foundation is something that I don’t mind spending a lot of money on (if its good) as it’s the base to your make up and something that will keep the rest of your face looking great, for me it’s worth the investment. However saying this I cannot resist a chance to buy a new product and try it out at a bargain price. Which is what happened with this- Maybelline Dream Statin Liquid.

This product was something that I used to love and use a lot, so when I found it half used in my draw in the last month I decided to use up the bottle and try it again.

The foundation itself promises ‘Air Whipped Foundation with an air brush finish’ with its key selling point being the air whipped consistency which is meant to give you a flawless even finish. Upon applying this foundation one thing I noticed it that its very smooth and creamy, not like a ‘common’ liquid foundation that is runny. Instead this seems to glide across the skin giving a medium to high coverage but being very blendable.

After applying the rest of my make up and setting with a powder, I absolutely loved it. However, then came the reason I stopped using it.

GOD DOES IT MOVE! For me, this foundation literally slides across my face. I have oily, acne prone skin so foundation does have a job. But nothing a primer and powder wont normally fix, this foundation was just sliding and transferring everywhere.  At the end of the day I looked like a oily mess and I was so shiny. I was actually a bit embarrassed I had been walking around all day like that (I rarely fix my face during the day)

This foundation promises the world but for me, just gives it a oil slide. If you have dry to combination skin I would give it ago, as the finish and coverage is lovely, but if you have oily skin I would stay clear! For me this foundation was a disappointment, and its out of the draw and into the bin!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Where have you been? January edition

1. Being scary at Berlin Zoo 2. The typical Berlin photo 3.This sheep really loved us 4. The food of Berlin, 5. holiday photo 101 6. The best burger I have ever ate. Period. 7.The snow has started 8. Being alone at the cinema, no love for Arnie anymore! 9. Because we went to watch wrestling... 10. The aftermath of the blizzard 11.I touched a dinosaur, best day of my life.12 Living the student life.

So as your aware i took a little break from blogging during Christmas and New Year- obviously you dont really care why but i went away, chilled out,worked and basically got ready to push myself completely into my final year at uni. The result? Lots of food, good times and pj's...
I thinking of doing a post like this once a month. What do you guys think?

Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration Foundation

Ill be honest, I bought this foundation purely because of the name. You think CK you think quality, high end and expect it to be great. Well this, and the fact it was around £7 with a matching concealer in TXMAXX.  I don’t really have much to say on this one apart from the fact that I hate it…

Firstly the colour is so dark/orange on me, which is my own fault really, however it doesn’t look as dark as that in the formula packaging! It also oxidises really badly on my skin leaving me so orange that one day when I wore it I had to take it off mid way through I felt so awful. The smell is also horrid, like plastic cheap make up you would give to a niece, not something I would expect from CK. The formula itself it just average though nothing special, apart from the fact it transfers very badly leaving marks on everything you touch. Not a good look. It also wipes of very easy, itchy nose? HELLO WHITE MARK!

You may be wondering why there is so much used if I hate it so much? I used it as fake tan a few times when I didn’t have time or an impromptu night out. Great, apart from the huge orange mark on my skirt and streaks where it had rubbed.

Honestly, this is one of the worst foundations I have ever used. It’s put me off CK as a makeup brand and won’t be purchasing anything of it in the future. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

FOTD 07.02

Bourgeois Detox Concealer
MUA Pressed Powder
HD Brows
ELF brow tamer
Nars Casino
Nars Orgasm
Topshop Gel Liner
Bourgeois Rouge High Tec

Friday, 25 January 2013

HolikaHoilka BB cream

Im a huge fan of BB creams, however I personally love the authentic Asian Brands rather the the UK high street ones. I find that for my skintone these just work better and help give me the coverage and colour that im after. However I usually stick to the skin 79 bb cream as its cheap, works well and lasts for ages (review here) However after running out of that I decided to have a look for something else, when I stumbled upon this:

The HolikaHolika Petite BB cream, in clearing. What a mouthful…

HolikaHolika is a huge Asian brand which specialises in skincare and BB cream, something that sounded right up my alley. Also the packaging has cats- winner! Slightly plastically packaging but great squeeze tube which is easy to pop into a makeup bag rather than a glass bottle.

When I was looking into this BB Cream there are 4 different types you can get: The Essential (full of nutrients) , The Watery (high water content), The Moisture (super moistening), The Shimmering (luminous slight sparkle finish) and The Clearing (acne clearing)

Each BB cream specialises in a different attributes it attaches to the skin and can be found on ebay!
I choose the one that has acne clearing properties as that’s my main issue with my skin. Upon reading the description it promises to have less oil that the others, a high coverage and have skin loving nutrients that will help clear and protect your skin all whilst having  SPF 30. Sounds promising. 

Well apart from having a 4 week wait, which from Korea on ebay is around average, I actually love this product. Not such a surprise knowing my BB Cream love. But I feel as though, compared to other ones I’ve tried this is defiantly more high coverage and less oily. Drying into a powdery dewy finish, great for setting with just powder. On the photo above, on my skin I have only a tiny bit of concealer and powder! Giving a really nice finish.   As far as acne clearing goes im not too sure, I have been having some slight skin issues recently and this hasn’t made them worse but im dubious if to if its made them better. Before my current acne attack I had clear skin for a while and its obvious better using something light and with clearing properties on acne than covering in foundation so perhaps this is the effect of the clearing, I like the idea of it though and it feels nice putting it on knowing it could help.

The colour comes out of the tube slightly orange which worried me but when applying after waiting a few minutes it oxidises to flatter even my super pale skin tone which is great as most BB Cream don’t suit me, however this is the whole reason I use Asian Brands!  It lasts as long as I wear my make up needing a touch up of powder around midday, but this is normal for me and my super oily skin! The coverage stays true all day and looks clean and fresh. I honestly love this BB Cream and cant wait to repurchase a few more tubes to try out the others! Great for a simple day when you just want tint and protection!

Have you tried BB Creams? What’s your favourites?