Friday, 25 January 2013

HolikaHoilka BB cream

Im a huge fan of BB creams, however I personally love the authentic Asian Brands rather the the UK high street ones. I find that for my skintone these just work better and help give me the coverage and colour that im after. However I usually stick to the skin 79 bb cream as its cheap, works well and lasts for ages (review here) However after running out of that I decided to have a look for something else, when I stumbled upon this:

The HolikaHolika Petite BB cream, in clearing. What a mouthful…

HolikaHolika is a huge Asian brand which specialises in skincare and BB cream, something that sounded right up my alley. Also the packaging has cats- winner! Slightly plastically packaging but great squeeze tube which is easy to pop into a makeup bag rather than a glass bottle.

When I was looking into this BB Cream there are 4 different types you can get: The Essential (full of nutrients) , The Watery (high water content), The Moisture (super moistening), The Shimmering (luminous slight sparkle finish) and The Clearing (acne clearing)

Each BB cream specialises in a different attributes it attaches to the skin and can be found on ebay!
I choose the one that has acne clearing properties as that’s my main issue with my skin. Upon reading the description it promises to have less oil that the others, a high coverage and have skin loving nutrients that will help clear and protect your skin all whilst having  SPF 30. Sounds promising. 

Well apart from having a 4 week wait, which from Korea on ebay is around average, I actually love this product. Not such a surprise knowing my BB Cream love. But I feel as though, compared to other ones I’ve tried this is defiantly more high coverage and less oily. Drying into a powdery dewy finish, great for setting with just powder. On the photo above, on my skin I have only a tiny bit of concealer and powder! Giving a really nice finish.   As far as acne clearing goes im not too sure, I have been having some slight skin issues recently and this hasn’t made them worse but im dubious if to if its made them better. Before my current acne attack I had clear skin for a while and its obvious better using something light and with clearing properties on acne than covering in foundation so perhaps this is the effect of the clearing, I like the idea of it though and it feels nice putting it on knowing it could help.

The colour comes out of the tube slightly orange which worried me but when applying after waiting a few minutes it oxidises to flatter even my super pale skin tone which is great as most BB Cream don’t suit me, however this is the whole reason I use Asian Brands!  It lasts as long as I wear my make up needing a touch up of powder around midday, but this is normal for me and my super oily skin! The coverage stays true all day and looks clean and fresh. I honestly love this BB Cream and cant wait to repurchase a few more tubes to try out the others! Great for a simple day when you just want tint and protection!

Have you tried BB Creams? What’s your favourites?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

I’ve got to admit im still abit of a toner virgin. I’ve never really understood the importance of them or why I would spend so much on something I don’t understand. However as part of upping my skincare regime I’ve started trying them see my first ever toner review here. However I love Lush and trust their products, Im also a sucker for new things.

Answer the Lush Tea Tree Water. This water promises to ‘come to the aid of skin emergences’ and the woman in the store said it was full of antibacterial goodness which is great for acne as well as the ingredients helping to calm oily spot prone skin.

You guys know me though, I like to try a product for a good while before reviewing it so I’ve had this and been using it once or twice a day for around 3 months, and yep, im still on the first bottle. Not bad for around a fiver! It leaves my skin squeaky clean and has really helped to clean up my acne. Well, I have been using other products but I honestly do think this helps as it seems to make any acne dry up and help to prevent excessively oily skin during the day.

I think, as far as toners go this is a nice one to have. Im slowly starting to understand how clean they make your skin feel and I don’t think I would like to not use one now, something I never thought I would say! I feel as though my skincare isn’t complete without one!!

Have you tried this? What do you think of toners?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hair Extension Series Part 4- Colour

One of the main things about hair extensions is getting the right colour. Personally I can’t think of anything worse than when you see girls with platinum hair and yellow extensions, urghh. However if your ordering them online it can be hard to find the right colour, when I was blonde it was fairly easy as I always choose a colour around ‘bleach blonde’ or that had yellow undertones as I knew that even if they weren’t perfect it would fit mostly.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Topshop Secret Admirer

I feel as though im jumping back on the Topshop bandwagon! Although constantly saying I have to many lipsticks I got this one with a subscription so I don’t feel too bad. Ahem…
Topshop secret admirer is a new cult classic, in fact, Topshop lipsticks in general are. However, personally I don’t think this is that impressive. I said it…

Whilst I like the colour, which comes off as a beautiful peachy glow, a very nice nude whilst being colourful enough to light up your face. I cannot stand the formula; it just doesn’t work on my lips. I don’t find it creamy or particularly long lasting and in the winter my lips get chapped as hell as this just exaggerates all that and makes them look horrible and disgusting.

I don’t know if it’s the colour, as a richer colour might hide my chapped lips better but for me I wont be purchasing a Topshop lipstick again, for the £8 price tag personally I would rather buy a Lorel one.

Have you tired these? Is it just me who isn’t impressed?

N07 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue.N

Recently my skin seems to be going from super oily and acne prone to dry combination and just a pain in the…

I’ve gone from using a simple moisturizer and a rich night cream every day religiously to having to play around every day depending on how my skin is feeling, I know this is normal for some people, for me, it isn’t. My skin has never been dry so this is a new feeling for me!

Then I found this the N07 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue.

In a recent Christmas present which promises to help dry patches of skin and keep everything nice and moisturized, full of Shea butter and minerals to help sooth dry skin and combat flaky patches. Not only helping them feel better but visibly improve them.

High hopes right? To apply its kind of odd, like a mix between a moisturizer and a thick treatment for what you would expect to pop on dry skin. I used this recently on areas of flaking around my nose before bed, when I woke up in the morning they were literally gone. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy or any sort of residue in the morning which I was expecting. I am dubious about using this every day/night as I feel it could block pores as it feels kind of heavy, although over winter when skin is super dry anyway I don’t know how much of an effect the drying will have when combated with this. Meaning I think I would risk the clogging to not be flaky. I like the subtle scent too, which isn’t overpowering. Is it just me who hates putting really scented stuff on my skin and body?

Its quite a small tube (50ml) but I feel as though it would last, as whilst I personally used about a 2 pea sizes amount per application this really isn’t that much. Also I wouldn’t use this all the time- maybe once or twice a week as a pick me up.

Luckily you can buy this separately from the gift set which is super great as im honestly going to be repurchasing if my skin keeps up. It retails at £12 for this size, which for a uni student is kind of pricey but im starting to learn to buy stuff that works rather than just being cheap. If you have super dry skin or skin that’s playing havoc in the winter then I would go and buy this!!

I love a lot of the N07 things I have recently! What’s the best product in N07 to you?

Friday, 18 January 2013

Buche De Noel- Lush

 I love cleansers. I really enjoy the feeling of getting my skin are clean and fresh and lush products really help my skin get clear and treat any problems I may have.  However something that I have an issue with is that I love exfoliating and I can’t help but feel like my face feels and reacts better after a slight scrub.  

So I was so happy that I found Buche De Noel (in the 50% off might I add) which not only smells amazing (like alcoholic marzipan) but has a nice bit of scrub to it. 50% off I hear you cry, well on boxing day lush has a huge 50% off xmas products and anything made from October. So sadly this is an xmas product.
As with most lush products it has all sorts of yummy ingredients which sound more like a cake than a facial cleanser, however with Satsuma’s, almonds and oils (to name a few) lingering in the ingredients you know your skin is getting goodness. One thing that did worry me was the whiskey hidden in there, however this works as a antibacterial helping not only the product last longer but adding abrasion to you skin.

This cleanser I cannot rave about enough it leaves me glowing and helps keep my skin in line, im gutted this was only an xmas product so it’s no longer available but I bought a big tub which should last a while as you only use a tiny bit at a time. I can’t wait to try some more next Christmas!

Have you tired this? What was your favourite Lush Xmas product?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hair Extensions Series Part 3- Length and Volume

Part 2 of my hair extensions series: Length and Volume


When looking for extensions the first thing you need to decide is what length you’re after. The best way to figure out which extensions your after is to simply take a flexible tape measure and measure you natural hair as well as where you want the extensions to end.  

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Topshop Cream Blush- Prime Time

Cream Blush is something I’ve been playing around with a lot recently. As I’ve got older, although I still like the flawless high maintenance look I’ve realised it’s not always the best, and not always the best for my skin. So on some days I like to just pop some foundation and powder on with a cream blush underneath to just help get some glow and colour, otherwise I look like death. Not cool…

Topshop Prime Time looks terrifying in the packaging. It’s a fuchsia matte cool pink that is really pigmented and comes out very true on the swatch. Although saying this if you apply a small amount on the cheeks and blend out it’s not too scary a colour and looks nice on even pale skin tones like mine. I do think this would look great on darker skin tones though. Very creamy and blend beautifully on top of foundation or just bare skin for a rosy glow.

You only need a tiny bit of this and its lasts all day only starting the go patchy after about 5 hours of wear. Not great but certainly long enough to wear without a touch up, and even when you do need to touch up just pop some more on with some powder.

This is a nice cream blush for the price as it does last ages both in the packaging and on the skin. The packaging is nice and feels expensive, although does get dirty though but nothing a baby wipe wont sort out. For £6 this is a great product and I would love to try some new colours when I get the chance. Topshop make up is a brand I’ve heard so much about but never really went with as id rather just pop to a drug store and get ‘real’ cosmetics than high street shop cosmetics. Although after trying this I would love to have a look around their other ranges!

Have you tired Topshop make up? What’s your favourite?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Night Cream is something I have used since I was around 15. I’ve always hated the feeling of tight skin after washing your face so it seemed logical that I would want to pop something on to not only help relax the feeling, but leave my skin soft and supple and perhaps help with anti-ageing and wrinkles. Prevention is key and all that…

Olay is a brand that we’ve all heard of, so when I ran out a few months ago my mum went and picked this up for me. The Olay anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, I want to add this is the sensitive version for sensitive skin. Now night cream just seems like any other moisturizer but thicker and harder to absorb. However this product is super creamy and rich however I don’t find it just sitting on the top of the skin. It really sinks in fairly quickly and works well with my eye cream as they seem to blend and layer well; it’s also not greasy which is super nice as its not great feeling like an oil slick after just washing your face!

This has recently started to sting slightly though after a night time exfoliation which its never done before, so perhaps im scrubbing to had whilst washing. I don’t think this is the product though as I’ve used it for a while and only recently has it stung, after all, it is sensitive!

I think this was around the £7 mark which is great for a night cream and works super well. It keeps my skin hydrated and helps clear up any dry patches I might have, which have started developing under the eyes which is irritating.  A great product that im glad I had the chance to try, im thinking I may try more Olay products in the future!

Have your tried Olay, do you like it?

Monday, 14 January 2013

TonyMoly Cats Wink Mascara

Anyone who knows me knows that im a huge fan of trying Asian Korean cosmetics. Being as pale as I am I find that the makeup seems to suit me better as well as having such a high SPF factor and importance placed on the products. As well as this the ones I’ve tried have such great quality and focus on playing up the elements I love. Big doe eyes and flawless pale skin.

Mascara is my makeup love, something I could live without and this is the first Asian brand to try. This is Tony Moly Cats Wink mascara, version volume and longlash. I say this version because you can buy two, one for volume and one for curling.

PLUS LOOK AT THE PACKAGING! Ill be honest, this is the main thing that attracted me to it. Crazy cat lady hello .Another thing I love about this is how chic but fun it looks, its nice to have something fun to use like this that’s actually quite a good product rather than just being cute. The brand Tony Moly on ebay has loads of super cute products full of cats and bunny's, which i love and will be purchasing more of!

 Its super black and pigmented and has a nice thick coating system. I was dubious about the formula as its quite a cheap mascara (at around £4 on ebay) so I wasn't expecting much. However I was pleasantly surprised! The brush is pretty basic, long and straight with a mix of clumped and staggered bristles meaning its easier to apply without clumping and gives a nice mix of volume and length.

The mascara formula itself is pretty thick and I was worried about clumping and drying time, but applying 2/3 coats leaving about 30 secs in between to allow to dry and build on the fibers gives me the look above. I think they look great, long and black if slightly clumpy but I kinda like that fake lash look everyday so its fine for me. I do have to say though this is a pain to get off, it doesn't say waterproof but does promise to be smudge proof! It really is! It does take a bit of time to get off nicely without tugging but again nothing a few mins of make up remover won’t fix.
Overall im really surprised how much I love this mascara!

 Its super cheap, if somewhat hard to get in the UK at least (I waited around 4 weeks off ebay)It hold my lashes up all day, im writing this at 6pm and have had it on nearly 9 hours, they are still big and thick, if some slightly flaking during the day but nothing major and no smudging! A personal pet peeve of mine! And im sorry but how cute is the packaging, I think im slightly biased!

I will deffo be repurchasing this next time I go on a Asian cosmetics haul! What about you? Have you tired Asian cosmetics, what’s your favourite?

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hair Extensions Series. Part 2. Real V Fake

Welcome to part 2 of the hair extension debate!!! My series on how to find the best hair extensions for you, using my knowledge of around 7 years of extensions wearing, you can find part 1 here :) Hope you guys are still interested in this and had a great new year and xmas!