Friday, 18 January 2013

Buche De Noel- Lush

 I love cleansers. I really enjoy the feeling of getting my skin are clean and fresh and lush products really help my skin get clear and treat any problems I may have.  However something that I have an issue with is that I love exfoliating and I can’t help but feel like my face feels and reacts better after a slight scrub.  

So I was so happy that I found Buche De Noel (in the 50% off might I add) which not only smells amazing (like alcoholic marzipan) but has a nice bit of scrub to it. 50% off I hear you cry, well on boxing day lush has a huge 50% off xmas products and anything made from October. So sadly this is an xmas product.
As with most lush products it has all sorts of yummy ingredients which sound more like a cake than a facial cleanser, however with Satsuma’s, almonds and oils (to name a few) lingering in the ingredients you know your skin is getting goodness. One thing that did worry me was the whiskey hidden in there, however this works as a antibacterial helping not only the product last longer but adding abrasion to you skin.

This cleanser I cannot rave about enough it leaves me glowing and helps keep my skin in line, im gutted this was only an xmas product so it’s no longer available but I bought a big tub which should last a while as you only use a tiny bit at a time. I can’t wait to try some more next Christmas!

Have you tired this? What was your favourite Lush Xmas product?

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