Monday, 21 January 2013

Hair Extension Series Part 4- Colour

One of the main things about hair extensions is getting the right colour. Personally I can’t think of anything worse than when you see girls with platinum hair and yellow extensions, urghh. However if your ordering them online it can be hard to find the right colour, when I was blonde it was fairly easy as I always choose a colour around ‘bleach blonde’ or that had yellow undertones as I knew that even if they weren’t perfect it would fit mostly.

When trying to choose your colour online its always worth checking out the companies return policy, most good extension places will offer you a return and reorder which means if you order the wrong colour you can just return (unopened and unused) and try another colour. Depending on the company this can be once or twice and won’t cost you anything more. So it’s not a huge risk playing around with which extensions are the right shade for you.

However some places are funny with ordering and you may want to go down the sample route. You can buy small strands or wefts of the colour for a few pounds each and then you can see if that’s the right shade. It may be worth doing this depending on the return policy or perhaps if you have a unique hair shade or lots of highlights.

When looking at your shade online it’s also worth making sure your computer it tuned in right, simple but can make a huge difference to the shade you see on your screen. For Blondes I used to look at if it was a white blonde or yellow blonde, then looks at if it’s a blue toned or red toned e.g. warm or cold. This will help you narrow down the shades you can choose between.

For brunettes its normally a case of warm or cool toned then red or blue colour tone. For example if your hair is a auburn brown VS ash brown. As well as this it’s worth taking in mind any red tones you may have such as me, who has a very red based colour. This means I choose extensions with the words hazelnut or mahogany.

For ladies with black hair again warm or cool, but it’s hard to find a jet black in reality. So black hair, if natural  would normally be best finding a very dark brown, in my opinion.  

Of course if you can’t find your right hair colour in the extensions or you want to make it perfect there is always the option to dye it. This is what I do as I find it keeps it the most natural looking, and if you dye your extensions darker, although damaging its not as bad as bleaching them. Something to be cautious off if bleaching them blonde, mine always used to feel trashed after bleaching, annoying when you’ve just spent £50+ on them.

When choosing an extension to dye you need to buy the colour lighter than what you think you may need. For my mid brown hair I buy a caramel coloured extension, not only so I can leave the bottoms lighter for ombre but so I can get the true colour I want.

You can take your extensions to the hairdresser, most of whom will happily help you out dying good quality human hair extensions. You can go to the beauty supply shop and pick up the proper colorants. However the easiest, cheapest option I find is to use the same dye you use on your own hair, for me this is Nice and Easy.

Word of advice though, when thinking about dying your extensions it’s important to be super careful as you don’t know how they have been dyed originally and what is on them. Some extensions won’t be suitable for dying as will react, but its normally stated if they are when purchasing.

If you do choose to dye your extensions, watch them very carefully, even more so than when you do your own hair and nourish them with a good conditioning mask for  a few hours afterwards to help get them back in their best condition, of course dying will make them not feel as great as when you just bought them. But if your careful this damage can be minimised and protect them using oils and heat protectant.  

In the lifespan of your extensions (I get around 9 months out of mine) I normally dye them 3 times. The first twice within  few weeks of getting them to get them the right shade then a few months before getting new ones to combat fading and give them a new lease of life.

Hope you enjoyed this section and my features on hair extensions! The next one will be on finding the perfect price for your extensions! So, that’s my two cents on extensions and finding the prefect colour! What do you guys think? How do you find your perfect colour?

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