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Hair Extensions Series. Part 2. Real V Fake

Welcome to part 2 of the hair extension debate!!! My series on how to find the best hair extensions for you, using my knowledge of around 7 years of extensions wearing, you can find part 1 here :) Hope you guys are still interested in this and had a great new year and xmas!

      Real VS Fake? (applies to clip in’s and invasive)
Ahhhh, the most tasking of questions asked my newbies to the extension universe. Honestly I only have one answer to this. Real Human Hair. My advice? Don’t waste your time with synthetic hair, no matter how ‘natural’ and ‘long lasting’ it claims to be. It won’t be. It will tangle, look shiny and not last.

Urghh. Synthetic hair is often made out of acrylic sources and comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. This means it cannot withstand the heat of styling tools and so to look natural will have to be perfectly the same texture as your own. Not gonna happen right? Of course if the whole human hair thing freaks you out then go for it, also a lot cheaper than others. I have never had a good experience with synthetics, even though some of the ones I have bought have only been fractionally cheaper than real. Just don’t.. Ok?
When looking at extensions you want to purchase either:

 Plain Human hair: Literally the same hair you have on your head right now. Normally taken from sources such as foreign countries where ladies sell their hair as a means of income. However do be careful when buying these and make sure you hair is ethically sourced as sometimes human hair can just be shaved or harvested without the ladies will. Plain untreated human hair is hard to find, but may last longer depending on what you want to do with it. This is recommended for wefts that are being sewn in or in micro links. Although this has nothing done to it so can still frizz and get split ends easier and is therefore normally cheaper than Remy treated hair.  You can check your source of hair is ethical by making sure you see this sign:

Remy treated Hair: Remy is the highest quality treated human hair you can get and will no doubt last you for the longest time possible. This hair still has the cuticle layer on it which is treated by chemicals to allow the hair shaft to lie in the right position. This means it’s less prone to tangle and frizz and may last a lot longer.  Remy comes in a few different classes A, B and C, each meaning the higher quality of hair. Of course this is reflected in the price and remy is the most expensive grade of Clip In’s Kind of like how the grade apples….

Synthetic Pros:
Variety of colours.
Available widely in high street shops- peacocks e.g.
Good for fun party flicks like pink streaks
Looks cheap
Tangles easily (you end up with a cat lick at the back of your head)
Can’t use heat on it
Might not look natural
Not so good for everyday natural wear.

Natural Hair Pros:
Less expensive than Remy.
Can trace ethically sourced
Pure Virgin Hair that would last the same as on the person who gave it.
Can style/wash/colour as normal hair
More expensive than Synthetic
Might not last as long if ill treated
Can frizz, split ends, occurs damage as regular hair would.
As not chemically treated may be hard to find natural texture/colour.
Can be hard to find.

Remy Hair Pros:
Best quality of all the hair extensions
Remy treated means minimal frizz and damage
Can use heat
Easier to find colour that matches
Widely available
Most expensive, even lower quality
Pre-treated hair may not be what you want
Can be hard to find good ones.

So when your deciding on Real or Fake take these into consideration. If you dont mind spending under £20 for synthetic hair you may only wear for 1 night, or even to see if you can cope with longer hair then go for it. But remember it wont look or feel the same as treated hair would so wont really give you the things you desire.  If you want to go full out and spend between £50-£200 on Remy then I personally would. Its much better and you can see and feel the difference.

Right so that's part one of my extensions 101. Has this helped? What would you like answered.

The next part will be on Length. 

Rhi xx

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