Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hair Extensions Series Part 3- Length and Volume

Part 2 of my hair extensions series: Length and Volume


When looking for extensions the first thing you need to decide is what length you’re after. The best way to figure out which extensions your after is to simply take a flexible tape measure and measure you natural hair as well as where you want the extensions to end.  

 This works out at around 20-22 inches worth of extensions. You can get any length however between around 14-22 inches easily online or in local extensions shops. Anything other than that may require some further digging and will more than likely be overpriced or hard to find. When thinking about how it will blend with your natural hair I would say to take your own hair into consideration. If you have thick bob length hair it may be harder to blend 22 inches than 14 inches, of course this depends on your hair type but it’s worth considering how fake they may look in comparison to your actual hair line. Especially if you have a blunt cut as these are pains to blend, if you have feathered or layered hair then it will be much easier to create the illusion.

Another thing to consider with your new fake hair is how long you’re planning on keeping it. I get around 6-8 months use out of a set of extensions before I start to feel they look ratty (not a good look) If you are planning on getting the most use out of them as possible I would suggest buying them in a size too long, so if you wanted 18inch, buy 20 inch. This is because when you get the extensions, depending on where you buy them and the quality, you may want to gently take a few cm of the ends in a feathering motion. So by taking you scissors upwards and gently taking a bit away. A lot of people do this as if it were natural hair it would more than likely be thinner at the ends, bringing a sense of realism to it. 

Not only this but sometimes the ends of the extensions are too bluntly cut or perhaps not neatly cut, meaning this will make them look much better. By buying them a few inches too long you also allow room for sheading as when you wear and style your natural extensions they will of course become drier, make malt and may need to be trimmed to keep them looking fresh. This is especially important if you plan on dying you extensions as they will need the ends taken off in order keep them nice. Basically the longer you want to be able to wear your extensions, the longer you should buy them.


When you looking at volume of extensions you want to consider your own hair. If your hair is thin and long you won’t need as many layers and as much thickness to help it blend, compared to if your hair was bob length and thick. As this would require much thicker extensions in order to mask your own hairline and allow them to look natural. As a rule- more thickness=more volume.

Most extensions state their thickness (or some call it weight) when you buy them, if they don’t, don’t purchase them.I would also recommend not purchasing anything less that 110 grams unless you have really thin hair as this will look ratty and scraggly, not really the look im assuming you would be aiming for.
 For an average set of hair I would recommend anything between 110 grams-150 grams. These are great if you’re looking for mainly length with just a slight bit of volume to blend. Mostly great for girls who already have fairly long hair (2 inches or so below shoulders) as this is one of the easier lengths to blend. Of course if your hairs thicker this may change.

If your after more volume as well as length, or have slightly shorter hair or want even bigger bed head hair I would go for anything between 140-200grams. This is the set that has equal measures between volume and thickness. This is where I fall between. (for reference my extensions new where 160 grams although are now probably around 140gram) These fitted by below shoulder thickish hair.

If your after hair extensions for thick bob length hair I would suggest buying a set no less that around 180grams-200 grams. This is the higher end of the thickness spectrum but will help your hair to look natural. There is nothing worse for me than seeing people with extensions that don’t match or look fake. What is the point?

As a reference the thicker this extensions the more expensive they will be and possibly the longer they will last. Hen purchasing extensions i suggest buying them on a slightly higher weight and thickness than you actually need, this is for the same reason as length really as if they start to malt or shed towards the end of their life you will still be able to get use out of them. However if you buy thinner ones as soon as they start to look ratty you won’t be able to wear them and look good as they will be thinner than intended. The thing to remember with thickness is this adds life to your hair, also helping to disguise where your hair ends and the extensions start.  

So thats my 101 on length and Volume!

What do you think do you like this series?

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