Friday, 25 January 2013

HolikaHoilka BB cream

Im a huge fan of BB creams, however I personally love the authentic Asian Brands rather the the UK high street ones. I find that for my skintone these just work better and help give me the coverage and colour that im after. However I usually stick to the skin 79 bb cream as its cheap, works well and lasts for ages (review here) However after running out of that I decided to have a look for something else, when I stumbled upon this:

The HolikaHolika Petite BB cream, in clearing. What a mouthful…

HolikaHolika is a huge Asian brand which specialises in skincare and BB cream, something that sounded right up my alley. Also the packaging has cats- winner! Slightly plastically packaging but great squeeze tube which is easy to pop into a makeup bag rather than a glass bottle.

When I was looking into this BB Cream there are 4 different types you can get: The Essential (full of nutrients) , The Watery (high water content), The Moisture (super moistening), The Shimmering (luminous slight sparkle finish) and The Clearing (acne clearing)

Each BB cream specialises in a different attributes it attaches to the skin and can be found on ebay!
I choose the one that has acne clearing properties as that’s my main issue with my skin. Upon reading the description it promises to have less oil that the others, a high coverage and have skin loving nutrients that will help clear and protect your skin all whilst having  SPF 30. Sounds promising. 

Well apart from having a 4 week wait, which from Korea on ebay is around average, I actually love this product. Not such a surprise knowing my BB Cream love. But I feel as though, compared to other ones I’ve tried this is defiantly more high coverage and less oily. Drying into a powdery dewy finish, great for setting with just powder. On the photo above, on my skin I have only a tiny bit of concealer and powder! Giving a really nice finish.   As far as acne clearing goes im not too sure, I have been having some slight skin issues recently and this hasn’t made them worse but im dubious if to if its made them better. Before my current acne attack I had clear skin for a while and its obvious better using something light and with clearing properties on acne than covering in foundation so perhaps this is the effect of the clearing, I like the idea of it though and it feels nice putting it on knowing it could help.

The colour comes out of the tube slightly orange which worried me but when applying after waiting a few minutes it oxidises to flatter even my super pale skin tone which is great as most BB Cream don’t suit me, however this is the whole reason I use Asian Brands!  It lasts as long as I wear my make up needing a touch up of powder around midday, but this is normal for me and my super oily skin! The coverage stays true all day and looks clean and fresh. I honestly love this BB Cream and cant wait to repurchase a few more tubes to try out the others! Great for a simple day when you just want tint and protection!

Have you tried BB Creams? What’s your favourites?

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