Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

I’ve got to admit im still abit of a toner virgin. I’ve never really understood the importance of them or why I would spend so much on something I don’t understand. However as part of upping my skincare regime I’ve started trying them see my first ever toner review here. However I love Lush and trust their products, Im also a sucker for new things.

Answer the Lush Tea Tree Water. This water promises to ‘come to the aid of skin emergences’ and the woman in the store said it was full of antibacterial goodness which is great for acne as well as the ingredients helping to calm oily spot prone skin.

You guys know me though, I like to try a product for a good while before reviewing it so I’ve had this and been using it once or twice a day for around 3 months, and yep, im still on the first bottle. Not bad for around a fiver! It leaves my skin squeaky clean and has really helped to clean up my acne. Well, I have been using other products but I honestly do think this helps as it seems to make any acne dry up and help to prevent excessively oily skin during the day.

I think, as far as toners go this is a nice one to have. Im slowly starting to understand how clean they make your skin feel and I don’t think I would like to not use one now, something I never thought I would say! I feel as though my skincare isn’t complete without one!!

Have you tried this? What do you think of toners?

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