Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Olay Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Night Cream is something I have used since I was around 15. I’ve always hated the feeling of tight skin after washing your face so it seemed logical that I would want to pop something on to not only help relax the feeling, but leave my skin soft and supple and perhaps help with anti-ageing and wrinkles. Prevention is key and all that…

Olay is a brand that we’ve all heard of, so when I ran out a few months ago my mum went and picked this up for me. The Olay anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, I want to add this is the sensitive version for sensitive skin. Now night cream just seems like any other moisturizer but thicker and harder to absorb. However this product is super creamy and rich however I don’t find it just sitting on the top of the skin. It really sinks in fairly quickly and works well with my eye cream as they seem to blend and layer well; it’s also not greasy which is super nice as its not great feeling like an oil slick after just washing your face!

This has recently started to sting slightly though after a night time exfoliation which its never done before, so perhaps im scrubbing to had whilst washing. I don’t think this is the product though as I’ve used it for a while and only recently has it stung, after all, it is sensitive!

I think this was around the £7 mark which is great for a night cream and works super well. It keeps my skin hydrated and helps clear up any dry patches I might have, which have started developing under the eyes which is irritating.  A great product that im glad I had the chance to try, im thinking I may try more Olay products in the future!

Have your tried Olay, do you like it?

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