Monday, 14 January 2013

TonyMoly Cats Wink Mascara

Anyone who knows me knows that im a huge fan of trying Asian Korean cosmetics. Being as pale as I am I find that the makeup seems to suit me better as well as having such a high SPF factor and importance placed on the products. As well as this the ones I’ve tried have such great quality and focus on playing up the elements I love. Big doe eyes and flawless pale skin.

Mascara is my makeup love, something I could live without and this is the first Asian brand to try. This is Tony Moly Cats Wink mascara, version volume and longlash. I say this version because you can buy two, one for volume and one for curling.

PLUS LOOK AT THE PACKAGING! Ill be honest, this is the main thing that attracted me to it. Crazy cat lady hello .Another thing I love about this is how chic but fun it looks, its nice to have something fun to use like this that’s actually quite a good product rather than just being cute. The brand Tony Moly on ebay has loads of super cute products full of cats and bunny's, which i love and will be purchasing more of!

 Its super black and pigmented and has a nice thick coating system. I was dubious about the formula as its quite a cheap mascara (at around £4 on ebay) so I wasn't expecting much. However I was pleasantly surprised! The brush is pretty basic, long and straight with a mix of clumped and staggered bristles meaning its easier to apply without clumping and gives a nice mix of volume and length.

The mascara formula itself is pretty thick and I was worried about clumping and drying time, but applying 2/3 coats leaving about 30 secs in between to allow to dry and build on the fibers gives me the look above. I think they look great, long and black if slightly clumpy but I kinda like that fake lash look everyday so its fine for me. I do have to say though this is a pain to get off, it doesn't say waterproof but does promise to be smudge proof! It really is! It does take a bit of time to get off nicely without tugging but again nothing a few mins of make up remover won’t fix.
Overall im really surprised how much I love this mascara!

 Its super cheap, if somewhat hard to get in the UK at least (I waited around 4 weeks off ebay)It hold my lashes up all day, im writing this at 6pm and have had it on nearly 9 hours, they are still big and thick, if some slightly flaking during the day but nothing major and no smudging! A personal pet peeve of mine! And im sorry but how cute is the packaging, I think im slightly biased!

I will deffo be repurchasing this next time I go on a Asian cosmetics haul! What about you? Have you tired Asian cosmetics, what’s your favourite?

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  1. Your lashes look amazing! I've read a few reviews on Tony Moly but I'm so inpatient to wait for it to be delivered! May have to make a cheeky mascara order though!

    Lola | LolaStarHearts xx