Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boots Botanics Skincare

Upon gaining around £10 worth of boots points recently due to an error on their part I decided to treat myself to some things I wouldn’t normally buy. As well as this I was going back to uni after Christmas and needed to stock up on facial wash and a cleansing routine whilst I was able to, and with free points why not!
One thing I find with boots is I go in and want to buy everything! Everything looks so nice and smells so good I wander around for a good hour before buying anything, however something that never changes is the quality of boots own  brand of things.

What im talking about is the Boots Botanic Skincare range. The Botanic range is a collaboration by the brilliant science people at Boots and the Royal Botanical Gardens to create a skincare range which is not only effect scientifically but great for your skin due to the natural ingredients and extracts from plants. Sound good eh?

I went ahead and bought both the scrub and the foaming facial wash allowing me to use the range every time I wash. Using the foaming wash daily and the scrub a few times a week or whenever I think my skin needs a boost.  I also choose to go with the All Bright range with the power of Hibiscus due to at the time my skin not really being broken out more dull and uneven, something that this range claims to help.
‘Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster’ according to the guys who worked on this with both formulas containing Natural AHAs  and Formulated without parabens. The whole range also uses recycled packaging where possible and isn’t tested on bunnys! YAY!

The  foam wash smells nice and is a very basic facial cleanser consistency- however you only need a tiny amount to foam up well and really leave you skin feels clean but not tight.  The facial scrub or exfoliator was also going to be the deal breaker for me as I tend to like quite tough scrubs to really get out the dirt, although im slowly learning that being gentler on my skin works better. BOO! The consistency is that of a scrub that has been watered down, with large beads and a very thin watery liquid. However upon applying to the face feeling nice and refreshing and cleansing without being too harsh and abrasives, a nice scrub for frequent use.
Whilst it all sounds very good, does it work?

After using the scrub and foaming wash for around the month period I did think my skin felt smoother- especially as I was using it with my trusty Body Shop mini facial brush.  I can’t be sure this was down to the products themselves however they did feel nice to use, remove make up and leave my skin feeling clean and smooth. This is the whole point of them after all, the brightening just being an added bonus.
At under £5 each you cant go wrong with this brand and for me it has done the job, the brightening effect still leaves me a bit dubious however they are nice products and I will be having a look around the Botantics Range for some more goodies!

Have you tired Botanics? What do you think?

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  1. I have looked at these products and ummed and arrhed about buying them with my £10 worth of points too xx